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Bullying Blog | Child abuse | Domestic violence

Talking about issue such as Bullying, Child Abuse and Domestic Violence, in the hope to make change

As you can probably see tomthumb.info has had a complete overhaul and now has a new look so you can get straight to the stories that affect some of us everyday of our lives such as bullying, child abuse and domestic violence just to name a few. Also we will be taking a look at some of the stories that are hitting the headlines to see what you think to the ever changing world that we live in. We look forward to recieving your comments, views and opinions.


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One Response to Welcome to the new look Tomthumb.info

  1. Dave (T.U.C.G). says:

    It’s great to see somebodies is debateing these subjects on here. Maybe it will help bring an awareness to lead to a change in the way some people think and feel towards others. If more careing and sharing were shown, promoted, taught and advertised in the mainstream press, films, soaps, schools, politics and yes even in the religions. Instead of greed, selfishness, fear, hate and violence, then maybe/hopefully site like this would no longer be required.
    Dave…. The Ultimate Conspiracy Guide – Ever Get The Feeling You’ve Been Cheated?

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