Letter: Bullying is a problem!

Whilst looking on the facebook page i came across an interesting letter and thought that it was a cause that definatley should be supported to put a full stop to bullying in schools.Tomthumb.info knows that it isnt a problem that is going to disappear overnight but by supporting each other we can tackle this problem and many others. The original link is on the tomthumb.info facebook page
@ http://www.facebook.com/Tomthumbinfo. Also you can head straight over to the ban bullying everywhere homepage @ http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002988715940.

Orignally Published March 16, 2012, 01:41 AM

Letter: Bullying is a problem By: Sara Tolbert, Hudson, Hudson Star-Observer

Yet another school shooting and another child that has taken their own life. While it has yet to be determined as to the shooters reasons, both horrific happenings are most likely another story of bullying.

Yet another school shooting and another child that has taken their own life. While it has yet to be determined as to the shooters reasons, both horrific happenings are most likely another story of bullying. As this becomes more commonplace in our society, it will also become a more commonplace way of the bullied to react towards those that bully them.

Makes one wonder whether or not this could ever happen in Hudson. But we have a policy in place at our schools against bullying here, right? Well, policies are nothing more than a piece of paper unless they are enforced. Of course our schools enforce those policies, right? I’m sure if they responded to this, they will tell us that they do enforce the policy against bullying and do not tolerate it. What do they really do to enforce the policy, well, that’s confidential of course.

However, the reality of what is happening in our local schools is that if and when they are pushed into action, they will give the bully a very stern finger shaking. It seems they are more concerned about what could happen to the school by enforcing these policies than they are about the children being bullied day after day.

So, if the school is reluctant to take bullying seriously, we have to take action ourselves. Very recently, I had little choice but to finally pull my child out of school due to the bullying they have received and the lack of support from the school itself. Unfortunately it isn’t an option for our family to leave Hudson so I have decided to try and help make a difference here. Although it isn’t enough, I have started a Facebook page for our community to help bring awareness to the issue of bullying. I have had plenty parents and students alike email with their own stories and concerns.

I would love to find others that will step up to this growing issue. It would be great to work together so that all of our children can be educated in an environment where they feel safe and can enjoy being in school. All are encouraged and welcome to share ideas. Let’s work together and make a difference before it’s too late. Please reach out to me on Facebook at Ban Bullying Everywhere or [email protected].

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6 Responses to Letter: Bullying is a problem!

  1. Belinda Scavone-Martin says:

    Bullying must be stopped in school, in the home, in the neighborhood and in the work place. We learned everything we needed to know in kindergarden to play nice, to share, to show respect, to look out for each other, to put things away, these are good lessons and they make for good character in adults, teens and young children. We did not learn to bully in kindergarden but the opposite, we need to ask why the bullying continues, because there is too much tolerance for this behavior. The bullying must stop we need to contact our state senators and representives and have stronger laws put into place, one life lost to bullying is one too many.

    • admin says:

      I dont think i could’ve put it any better myself Belinda. Like you say bullying needs to and must be stopped in whatever form it takes and wherever it takes place. Stop The bullies FB group posted this “One big issue in schools all around the world is bullying. Studies show that 95% of kids are bullied at school each year.” In my opinion and i am sure that i can speak for everyone else that this is 95% too many. This study didnt take into consideration what happens in the homes that we live in, the streets and the workplace but i am sure the percentage is just as high which is scary . Not a single child or adult should have to suffer and be affected by bullying, By speaking out hopefully we can put a stop to it. I agree that we do need to look in more detail why the bullying is taking place to start with and the continuation of it. Stronger laws do need to be put into place and changes need to be made as soon as possible so that it can become a thing of the past and that no one has to live with the fear of it in their lives.

  2. Robert Evans says:

    Thank you for adding your voice to ending this world wide social cancer we call bullying.
    Its great to raise awareness and share our stories, but its not enough, we need to empower people to stand up and say enough, were not going to allow this behaviour.
    Like many, I was bullied, then I became a bully, I even studied it, and I became very good at it, now 20 years after I decided I wanted something better in my life, I teach others how to deal with bully`s and their behaviour.
    No law, no policy, no website will stop a bully, the only thing that will stop a bully is you and me, we need to stand up for ourselves, empower ourselves and our children, and say enough, right now, and not back down to compromises, justifications or excuses for this behaviour.

    • admin says:

      Thank you for commenting Mr Evans and for sharing your views and experiences about the matter. Tombthumb.info agrrees with what your saying, we do believe that by raising awareness we can empower people to stand with us so we are not just alone but we are one voice together and can stand against bullying. As well as standing up for ourselves we also need to stand up for each other, for those that are too scared to speak out about whats happening in their lives. Maybe you are right that no law, website etc will stop a bully but by standing together and becoming united we will empower ourselves and those around us and help each other to put a full stop to bullying. Yes it maybe one by one but for everyone stopped it someone that no longer has to live with bullying affecting their lives. Also by speaking out we can show those who have’nt been affected by bullying just how life is for those that have .We would like to hear more of what you have to say on this matter and maybe share some of your experiences?

  3. Rissa J says:

    I believe that the bullying goes deeper then ever. It starts with parents and goes deep. You look at it this way, who is the first person to stick of for their child and give a reason to why they act this way. There kids must be learning it from their parents. I am not saying it is ok to bully, but for bullying to stop then the parents will have to act correct. I know with my children I have taught them right, and to treat others the way they want to be treated no matter the situation. If someone is mean to them then kill them with kindness.
    I have seen to many horrible things. The bullying and mean things start at such a young age, so by standing together and possibly by doing all that we can maybe we can stop this nonsense. With my son I have taught him that no matter what someone may say or do just be nice and show them that its not ok. There are so many different kind of bullies out there and it kills me inside. I know that Hudson is not a good school district to be in. From the kids to teachers to even the principals bullying is everywhere. I just hope that things change. Parents must teach there children its not ok to hurt people or be mean. But like I said earlier children must be learning it from them. Whether its seeing them treat others bad from family to friends to anyone. I dont believe it is fair for our children to have to go through this kind of hurt. And I hope that things will get better and turn out for the best in the future..

  4. Beth Poore says:

    It appears many people do NOT understand just how devastating Bullying can be! I doubt most people know the # 1 place for Workplace Bullying is the school system itself ! We HAVE to get this under control to get bullying in the class room better as well ! Ironically, Education is the key, that means, we need MANDATORY sensitivity training starting in preschool through 12th grade. We need to continue this into college and have OSHA type programs that employers (have to by law) put specific rules in place to inform and maintain a policy that does NOT permit Bullying!

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