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Discussion : Movement for women in 1912

“Is not a woman’s life, is not her health, are not her limbs more valueble than panes of glass? There is no doubt of that, but most important of all, does not the breaking of glass produce more effect upon … Continue reading

Discussion : Child abuse

“Children are like seeds of grass seeds,some will fall on rocky ground and wither and die.And some will fall on more fertile ground and grow”(Jesus)Is this justified child abuse through religion?What do you think?Yours Tom Thumb The discussion is also … Continue reading

Discussion : ‘Attack the innocent, protect the guilty?’

Where does it leave all victims,when the rights of the victim are swept away under the “Political policy of attack the innocent to protect the guilty”,’ What do you think???? Yours tomthumb Tomthumb would to know your thoughts, views and … Continue reading

Injustice: Policeman ‘Assaulted Black Teen’ After Colleague’s Alleged Racial Abuse

The shocking images show what We can all remember happening between 6 and 10 August 2011, as several London boroughs and districts of cities and towns across England suffered widespread rioting which erupted after protests over the injustice as local … Continue reading

Stats on Bullying in the U.S

Whilst on Facebook i came across this which had been posted by and shows some very scary stats about the U.S and bullying. The figures are disgustingly high and show just how big this problem is. We need to … Continue reading