Discussion : ‘Attack the innocent, protect the guilty?’

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Where does it leave all victims,when the rights of the victim are swept away under the “Political policy of attack the innocent to protect the guilty”,’ What do you think???? Yours tomthumb

Tomthumb would to know your thoughts, views and opinions on what is happening in he world around us. The things that affect us and shape where we live. We look forward to hearing what you have to say…..

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3 Responses to Discussion : ‘Attack the innocent, protect the guilty?’

  1. Sylvia little says:

    I have been labelled when I accidently burnt my grandson , because he brushed pass me and my cigarette. Now they are bringing me up in my daughters new fight against the SS saying I am a risk, I am genuinely and truely innocent, yet they are making me out to be a monster granmother its hurting me and making me ill. they are even saying I am not to be considered as a carer for my daughters unborn baby, how sick and cruel can these people be to penalise an elderly person whose disabled and diabetic. When is Social Services going to stop taking the law too far and into their own hands, twisting things round what you say to them, I am at the end of my tether from a distraught grandmother.

    • admin says:

      Hi Sylvia, thankyou for sharing a little about your story. Tomthumb would like to hear more if your willing to and maybe publish your story on the website as we publish the stories of other for the world to see, giving them the ability to have a voice and platform to be able to share what the have to say on the things that are happening in their everyday lives. if you would like to you can contact us by comment and also via the contact page.We look forward to hopefully talking some more and shining a light on your injustice.

  2. Twyla says:

    What state are you in? DHS and child welfare is different from state to state, but it is definitely a corrupt system. I just posted a few other comments on here about them. We are in a similar situation where we have been labelled as bad parents, and had our children removed over something that never even happened. They seen our four kids as easy money, and when my two toddlers snuck out of their bedroom window last summer early in the morning, they took our kids, and won’t even try to give them back, even though we have done everything they have asked, including moving into a better home with more secure windows. They are trying to say that we ‘abandoned’ our kids, but we were home the whole time. Nothing like this had ever happened before, and now we are being treated like criminals. It is absolutely ridiculous.

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