Discussion : Child abuse

“Children are like seeds of grass seeds,some will fall on rocky ground and wither and die.And some will fall on more fertile ground and grow”(Jesus)Is this justified child abuse through religion?What do you think?Yours Tom Thumb

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Mel Clarke – No. I think it only justifies child abuse if misquoted. This scripture is not refering to actual children.

David Marsh – Not all people in a church congragation have had bible classes,so when you look at a congregation in a church the perception will change amongst the congregation.The bible is a child abuse book,which stems back to king Herod and the killing of children.How many religious cults are involved in serious crimes against children? And then there is the social services which operate under the banner of the church to kill children.
Helen Chandler -No i never had bible classes i had religous education thats a very different thing, i think it depends on the actual religion, and i think everyone is entitled to choose if they want to follow a being of the above known as many different things or just say look leave me out of it that is why we are all unique

David Marsh – I suppose Helen Zimbardo and his quote “We are all unique indivuals”is appropriate,and yes there are other more child friendly religions.But what Mel said is what I have been saying with the above quote,at the moment the quote is coming through our site with varying views as Mel said,and that initself is the point.I mean I have mentioned that most people read the king James version which is where you will find the above quote,obviously the the king james version was translated by Shakespear,and was this quote their before he interpreted,and translated into what is now the king James version?But the history of the church and killing children stems back as far as the “Childrens crusade”Which was supported under the banner of chrisianity and the killing of 10,000 children.Obviously we all hear of the catholic child abuse scandals,but to me this more about the vows a catholic priest has to take,but as someone said,thay was already criminals before they became catholic priests.But even today,the church is associated with so many child abuse organisations in our society,such as Police,social services and other government organisations based on killing children.

Deborah Parks – Anyone can take anything they want from the Bible and twist it any way they want to make it mean whatever they are trying to prove. The bottom line is that THE GOOD OF THE BIBLE SHINES THROUGH, THE PRINCIPLES OF RIGHTEOUSNESS IS OBVIOUS and we do not have to analyze it or rationalize it. Hurting is bad, loving and helping is good. that is that… the same with other religious materials… WHAT IS GOOD IS RECOGNIZED BY THE HEART OF MAN, no matter what is written in the books of mankind. “take it to heart” means what it says, and that is what I do…

Cheryl Bell – i think religion is a personal thing each to their own

David Marsh – Although you say anybody can take anything from the bible and twist it,I don,t think yiu can do that with all tha parables.This parable and the direct link with cults and their crimes against children.We musr remember that not everybody in a congregation has had bible classes.This qute has caused big debate,not just here but on our website and other social network groups,and the amount of varying translations just shows how contreversial the quote is..Anad as Cheryl has said,religion is personal and I agree with that.I as Mel said who has bible studies which is guidance by differenrt groups he said it could be misintepreted across a congregation,and I agree with that.The quote is from the King James version which is what most of you have,I have read different parts of the bible before shakespeare and the king James

Mel Clarke – I get you david, think we all kinda trying to say the same thing in a different way. Its the translation or interpretation that can b used but like cheryl said its a personal thing.

David Marsh – I agree with you Mel,I mean the pastor on my website also abuses children under the social service banner,he still kidnaps children from their own homes with other corrupt government organisations.Have you read my website Mel?I nearly lost my life in the death camps called childrens homes.I will put a write on the boards so I can talk to fellow victims of the social services.But just to finish,I hope that at some time the quote is removed for the safety of children.I mean no child is safe anymore,espacially from those who abuse children under the banners of the courts and the animals they work with.We brought our daughter and let her know who are the biggest rapisits and murderes which is teachers,police,social services and most of those who work for government organisations,anyway hope you can read our story,maybe talk about some of the stories on our website.I will put a new write on the boards for other victims.I just thought

Mel Clarke – Yeah I looked at your site and shared. Keep on speaking up. Never give up. You are in no way alone.

Cheryl Bell – I dont belive in religion because my mothers family were brought up in care in ireland of nuns and brothers could tell u some storys but not my story to tell but if ppl feel better beliving in it then thats up to them too we all have our own faith just in diff things ur strong to speak out about ur past well done more should do the same.

Cheryll Bell – Just read ur blog uv had it rough mate u must be so strong keep it up nobodys broke u yet so dont allow it in the future :)

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9 Responses to Discussion : Child abuse

  1. Mel Clarke says:

    No. I think it only justifies child abuse if misquoted. This scripture is not refering to actual children.

  2. Dr Ada Nwokocha says:

    There can be many causes of environmental situations that can constitute the unfavourable rocky ground but in the case child abuse, the very fabric of the child (the seed) can be ruined, devastated, destabilized or even made unviable.

  3. Dr Ada Nwokocha says:

    There is, therefore, no way the story told by Jesus can be said to encourage child abuse.

    • admin says:

      Look at certain religious cults, which have been involved in serious crimes against children such as the Waco disaster which involved the deaths of of numerous children. Because we must remember that in any congregation of a church not everybody in the congregation has has bible classes on how to interpret the text. And is it because of this that this quote can mis-interpreted by those who haven’t fully studied the text ????

  4. Anne Angelo says:

    that scripture is not talking about “children” it is talking about GOD’s children (all mankind) and hearing the WORD of GOD. In laymans terms… will it go in one ear and out the other… will they have the proper teaching for HIS WORD to take hold in their soul or will they flourish in HIS WORD! It is a parable, “The Parable of the Sower” [Matthew 13/Mark 4]. It has nothing to do with child abuse…. Jesus said ” Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.” [Matthew 19/Luke 18/Mark 10]

    • Janet Todd says:

      Anne Angelo got it right— the scripture is talking about faith and how it is received. Furthermore, when there is a reference to scripture it needs to be quoted exactly with the book, chapter, verse, and translation listed.

  5. admin says:

    Everyone perceives things in different ways whether it is something that they have seen , heard or read so what do you think……. Should the quote be removed from the new testament,because it can be mus-interpreted as discrimination against children by those that do not fully understand the scripture?

  6. John Thompson says:

    The commandment to Honour thy father and mother does encourage child abuse in my experience. I was in the first grade in Catholic school where I was told by nuns and priests that if we children had a problem that was so bad we couldn’t even tell our parents we could always tell a nun and/or a priest. I was being severly abused by my parents and sexually abused by a neighbour girl. I knew I couldn’t tell my parents about the sexual abuse and i was afraid my parents were going to kill me or my sister so I went and told a nun. She was horrified and started screaming at me that I was the devil’s child for telling horrible lies about my wonderful parents who were not only Catholic by working hard to send me to Catholic school. She kept slapping me. Then she got another nun to witness my evil. The other nun pinched me and spat on me and screamed in my face that burning in hell for ever was not punishment enough for the great evil I was. She went and got a priest who started bashing and punching me. There is something very wrong with a commandment that forces someone to love another simply because that other is their parent.

  7. Donna Parker says:

    I have have had experiences with “real” Christians (people who show genuine respect for everyone, even children, because thet believe that all people are made in God’s image) but I am also aware that many Churches definitely harbor abusers. Like many people who use the Bible/religion to justify something twisted, the Scripture above is misquoted. The Bible does not refer to children as “seeds”. Faith is referred to as a mustard seed. The word/teaching is referred to as seed. If anything horticultural, children would be likened to a branch, as in part of a family tree.

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