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News – East Common Lane robbery in Scunthorpe

On Monday 21st may 2012 the East Common Lane Post Office encountered a terrible ordeal at the hands of a prisoner out on release. The following story is taken from Detectives in North Lincolnshire investigating a serious incident at … Continue reading

Discussion – Do social workers “Rape” & “Murder” children???

Do social workers “Rape” & “Murder” children??? What do you think? Yours Tom Thumb The discussion so far….. (please note the following discussion was started at linkden. We are now giving it a permanant post on the website so we … Continue reading

Discussion – Do teachers matter in how children develop in the community???

Do teachers matter in how children develop in the community? What do you think? yours Tom Thumb. Join in the discussion and have your say . These are the comments we have received so far through social networks Robert Libka … Continue reading

Discussion – Are victims of Domestic Violence safe from the Police?

Talking about domestic Abuse in the hope to make change Are victims of Domestic Violence safe from the Police???What do you think? If not what can be done to change this?? We want to know what you have to say. … Continue reading

News – Child Abuse – Rape Gangs in Britain

Talking about Child Abuse, in the hope to make change!!! Once again horrifying stories of child abuse are hitting the headlines. It seems now more than ever we read about it in the papers and on the news, Is it … Continue reading

Tomthumb info wants to hear from YOU!!!

Tomthumb info A site that is dedicated to raise discussion about corruption, bullying, discrimination and injustice as well as other serious matters that affect the way we live and shape world that we live in. Originally started with my … Continue reading

Justice for Roethel in Chevron Oil Cleanup

Recently we were contacted by LaurelLee Roethel with a story of injustice involving her grandmother and three other elderly thinks what is happening is absolutley outrageous and that hope to help bring as much attention to this case as … Continue reading

Discussion : Are children safe????

Are children safe from teachers???? what are your thoughts and opinions on this ? knows that there are some absolutley fantastic teachers in the world that shape our lives and leave a lasting effect on us helping us as … Continue reading