Discussion : Are children safe????


Are children safe from teachers???? what are your thoughts and opinions on this ?

Tomthumb.info knows that there are some absolutley fantastic teachers in the world that shape our lives and leave a lasting effect on us helping us as children and young adults to grow into the people that we are today. Unfortunatley also there are some out there who shouldn’t be in the job that they are in and the lasting effects that they leave are for all the wrong reasons. Share your stories good and bad and let us know what you have to say ….

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2 Responses to Discussion : Are children safe????

  1. Southern Teacher says:

    I am a teacher who was bullied for the last 6 years. I finally had to get a lawyer. Yes, there are teachers who are bullies, and what I have learned is that where there is bullying, there is a leader who probably not only allows it, but encourages it. Look to the administration, look to the principal, and find your answers there.

    • admin says:

      We are sorry to hear that you yourself was affected by bullying and thank you for sharing your experience with us. As this discussion expanded we were going to turn the question around and ask “Are teachers safe from children?” as we are curious to ask both side their thoughts and opinions on the situation. We have commented about teachers saying some are absolutely perfect for the job and leave a lasting effect that lasts a life time from the lessons that they have taught us and then unfortunately some are not . This is similar for pupils, some want to learn, expand their knowledge and better themselves in any way that they can and then there are those through whatever reasons are disruptive and have no interest in succeeding in getting themselves an education. We understand that this could be due to many contributing factors which is why we started this discussion. to listen to what all of you have to say and share your experiences. we are very interested in hearing more about your personal experience if you would like to share some more information about it. Thank you once again for messaging tomthumb.info

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