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A site that is dedicated to raise discussion about corruption, bullying, discrimination and injustice as well as other serious matters that affect the way we live and shape world that we live in.

Originally started with my story. The events that have affected me through my life from early childhood to the present day stemming the past 42 years. What i believe to be an injustice that has been riddled with corruption and has led to problems that plague my everyday life. was created so that others could see the injustice that i have faced in the hope that those that accountable are willing to hold their hands up and admit they are wrong and an injustice was born due to corruption.

I knew there were others in the world that had also faced similar experiences not just to my own but also due to other issues such as bullying, abuse, racism and discrimination. So i decided that as well as sharing my own story for the world to see, i also wanted to use as a platform for everyone. An open forum where people can share their own experiences and stories about the things that have affected them, a place where all who wish to speak have a voice and will be listened to and so that a light can be shone on those commiting wrong doings and justice can be served in every way, shape and form.

We are looking at trying to help those that have been or are currently been affected by any of the issues that are raised on We aim to help in any way that we can by publishing your stories on here and through our social network pages giving you the exposure that you need or require. By sharing our experiences and standing together, we can be a united voice against those that commit wrong doings. In the hope that we can rid our lives from the issues that plague us such as injustice, corruption, bullying, abuse, racism and discrimination.

Contact us via the contact us or your stories pages and lets work together in creating a better tomorrow for all.

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8 Responses to Tomthumb info wants to hear from YOU!!!

  1. Dawn Johnson-Boswell says:

    Who can we get to help protect our children if the Department of Social Services & Law Enforcement won’t help? This is my son Austin’s story:

    • admin says:

      we are posting your story on the front page of the website for the world to see. thankyou for contacting us with your story and we hope justice can be found

  2. Susan says:

    I have often thought about sharing my story, but something usually stops me. I grew up in Ohio, one of four children. Mom divorced when I was very young, about two. She remarried pretty quickly. He was a cpa and became extremely abusive quickly. With us all in every way. It was something I learned to hide from, I was so embarrassed. He became a cop, and the abuse got worse. After eleven years mom finally broke away. I got pregnant and married at a very early age. I had two babies close together, but i didn’t stay married. My husband only wanted to party, and not take care of babies. So we divorced. I had a boyfriend after that, that started out fine. Then began to beat me unmercifully. Caused me and my children a lot of grief. Then God blessed me with my husband that I have now, going on twenty eight years we have been married. We love and respect each other! I do have some problems at work. Dealing with discrimination and bullying. But even though the management leaves you feeling stressed and depressed the customers leave you feeling loved and blessed!

    • admin says:

      Thank you for talking to us about your experiences. I know from my own personal experiences that talking about things that affect and shape our lives can be very hard. We are glad that you have found love in your life where you can feel safe and secure, loved and most of all be yourself without having to live in fear. No one should have to deal with bullying or discrimination no matter what form it takes or where it takes place. We feel workplace bullying is very fast growing nowadays and has been for some time now and something needs to be done, laws need to be changed to protect those so that no one has to suffer

  3. evolvethink says:

    I ve walked through the child services and court system. and have suffered and endured much grief that will be in my life. In my experience, i have discovered that children services are not in business of reunification. I was coerced into relinquishing my rights after a miscarrage , and 4 months sobriety after a substance/mental health relapse I was not in right mind state to make a major decision. My trauma is documented 3 years and ongoing.. I worked their program for 9 months. I discovered that case plan could have been modified under ADA Title II law ….yet the federal law means nothing to child services nor the child court. I was cruelly judged and condemned . I spent 12,000 to submit evidence months later i had a biased judge and was refused a hearing because he supported the GAL and CPS attorney. I had contacted human rights commission, the state ombudsman, legislature, naacp. Not one righteous human responded.I concluded that the govt. protects itself via the judicial system. It is active legal oppression. Furthermore i learned social workers and agencies get bonuses for adoptions…. lucrative, as old as prostitution. So the lack of justice. makes sense from this perspective. None of us have parental rights as my public attorney cruelly mentioned when coercing me to sign my rights away. So i signed away rights that DO NOT EXIST? yet my child was adopted. None of us are protected by law. I feel. I hope this issue becomes resoundingly important and loud as the economic state of the nation.

  4. evolvethink says:

    Beyond Social Services reasons .Hypothetical: if a “power” were to rise and mandate all citizens to give up their first born child ..for example…That mandate would be successfully implemented because we Americans have no parental rights. Illusion. Our children do not belong to us.

  5. Twyla says:

    I came into my fiance’s family in August of 2011. Welcomed with open arms and loving kids who adored me and my own kids. Everything was going great, we decided to live together and become 2 families in one. A fairy-tale with hopes and aspirations.

    Until that fateful day that the wicked bitch of the Northwest, aka their 2nd cousin who calls herself their aunt, who by the way is a “escort”, drug user, has had her own child stripped from her, is now pregnant again and is trying to take our 13 yr old daughter to turn her into a “mini her”, asked for us to allow the kids to come to her house for Thanksgiving. Against our better judgment because of their mother who we wanted them to share the holiday with her and get closer together, we allowed them to go spend the night with their mom’s side of the family.


    The “escort” went psychotic on the kids and her family. Threw everyone out of the house, locked our 13 yr old daughter in a room, forced her to lie to police about things, basically kidnapped the kids. We demanded she return them home, she refused. Called the Lane County Sheriff’s office who would NOT assist.

    The next morning after no sleep, we were awoken to 4 Lane County Sheriffs banging on our door and one case worker, Jordan . Jordan without a signed HIPPA form, accused me of things that I never did to my fiance. He told him horror stories that MY EX had did NOT ME! They did a search of our home, treated us like criminals and then informed us of our rights.

    I tried telling them they were mistaken that we had called against the ex family member. They wouldn’t listen. They told us our kids weren’t coming home and that we had to be to court first thing Monday morning.

    They sent the kids to my fiance’s mother’s house (I’ll get to that later about her another horror story), and told us we could not contact or see our kids. What the hell? We were good, loving parents who kept the house clean and them well cleaned and fed and loved.

    We went to court on that fateful Monday, and I was informed that my son and myself had to leave our own home, because DHS didn’t believe the CA court system that my ex was the criminal not me. I didn’t get to spend Christmas with my new family and was banned from my own home for no reason.

    Finally on January 30, 2012 right before court, they dismissed the case and I was allowed to return home to my loving fiance’ and 4 loving soon to be step kids. We were told by DHS they had made a mistake in regards to me, and that we had a good loving home.

    We were like YES its finally over. NOPE WRONG!

    In May of 2012, my future mother in law forced our 13 yr old to report to DHS because she was upset that we had taken her Ipod and Internet rights due to grades and bad choices she was making in her life. West 11th DHS called us at home and informed us that they had our 13 yr old and was NOT returning her home. All over a IPOD and INTERNET?! For no reason they removed me from my own home again. I did nothing wrong!

    We found out my fiance’s mother was behind all this, and had asked her why she did it and if things got bad would she assume legal guardianship over the kids until this was settled.

    She was planning on kidnapping our 13 yr old and going back to Oklahoma without our knowledge. When she decided to “throw our boys under the bus” but not our daughter, we told her she needed to find another place to live.

    We had went to the Function for Junction that day with the boys, since our daughter was still not returned home, 2 days before our next court hearing, but she had wanted to stay home. We came home to a dark empty house and her gone. She went back to Oklahoma, sold her grandkids out and abandoned them in a time of need.

    Against HIPPA Privacy Act Law, DHS worker Kasey is allowing our kids to have contact with the escort and the grandma. We never signed any paperwork allowing such contact.

    In August, DHS and Lane County Sheriff showed up at our house again, arrested my fiance’ and took our 3 boys. I can’t talk about all this because it’s an on going case, but they had no reason to take the boys from their home or arrest my fiance. He is now facing criminal charges because of guess who…Jordan. I was rudely talked to by Jordan, harassed by him and rudely talked to by Lane County Sheriff officers, and forced to leave my own property yet again or face being arrested.

    Everything was going fine with visits at the DHS office on 18th and Willamette. DHS worker Kasey was moving the visits to OCP on 11th and Pearl. Had even stated if we moved to a bigger place that she would consider allowing me to see the kids who I have not seen since May.

    Boy did she lie! She so far has threatened us, threatened to take visitation away from my fiance’ if he served our son for a court case in regards to all this, she forced our 12 yr old to leave the court house saying she wouldn’t allow him to testify, she refused them visitation with me, double dosed them on vaccinations, won’t allow our autistic son to have the surgery he needs for a tethered cord, which keeps him from feeling his bowel movements, yelled at my fiance’ both on the phone and in emails, has told me I have to move my car to the back of the building (which sorry I’m not going to do). I don’t have to move my car, it’s a parking lot and I have a handicap placard. Isn’t that discrimination? A violation of my rights? She stated that it’s not good for the kids to see me and makes the foster parents uneasy. WRONG. The kids make hand hearts, wave to me, blow me kisses and smile when they see me. DHS admitted they were wrong about me by Supervisor Nicole, what the hell is their problem??

    DHS worker Kasey has stated she wants to work on reunification with the family, we have done everything that she has requested, had to force her to give the references to go to CAFA, she only gives my fiance’ 1 hr a week, for 4 kids, we drive an hr to the visit and an hr back, but has made no efforts for reunification. No updated case plans, no meetings with us BOTH to make sure the kids have a good home where we live, etc. Normal protocol is to have the kids home usually within 6 months if not less. Our 13 yr old has been out of the home since May. CRB (Citizen’s Review Board), has told DHS Worker Kasey that they want her to basically get off her ass and start working on reunification.

    Haven’t seen that happening.

    Our last visit, DHS worker Kasey was at OCP. She had their visitation monitor watch my fiance like a hawk, forcing her to sit in the room with him and the kids which made it very awkward, she was within inches of him when he took our autistic son to the bathroom or when our 4 yr old wanted a book. She refused to allow him to walk the boys (who are special needs btw) to the foster parent’s car to put them in car seats, and yelled at our 12 yr old and my fiance’ while I was watching in the car for him to LEAVE NOW and told our 12 yr old he couldn’t hug his mom or say bye to me he had to get inside NOW.

    DHS worker Kasey was confronted by the kids’ mom about her license which DHS was supposed to be working on getting her. DHS worker Kasey then questioned their mom as to why she was in our car talking to me. Um let’s see…We are FRIENDS, We are their parents, WE work together as a team on the parenting, and it was 29 degrees outside? I was being nice giving her a warm place to sit, allowing her to smoke, and was going to give her a ride to where she needed to go after my fiance was done with his visit.

    Oregon DHS needs to stop trying to control families and work on their policies. They are terrible. Quit accusing people of things that they didn’t do. Especially in regards to myself and my fiance’. Kids belong home with their parents, especially when the parents are loving, caring, don’t hit them, etc. I could understand it if it was a drug home, but we are good Christian people who DHS has a bulls-eye on both our backs. Enough is enough. We want our kids home and we want them home now.

    • admin says:

      If you would like we could publish your story more visibly on the site and across our social networks to show just what is happening in the world and the issues that we face in our everyday lives. Let us know if you would like us to proceed, We justice is served for you

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