Discussion – Do social workers “Rape” & “Murder” children???

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Do social workers “Rape” & “Murder” children??? What do you think? Yours Tom Thumb

The discussion so far….. (please note the following discussion was started at linkden. We are now giving it a permanant post on the website so we can hear what you all have to say.) We look forward to hearing your views and opinions

Beatrice Ekua ANSAH – ESHON – Social workers are not angels from haven and therefore the possibility of bad nuts amoangst is high.

DIANA WINKLE – yes they do rape and i have proof

david Marsh – It seems that Beartrice you might be justifying social workers committing serious crimes against children?But the right is about a case in which children have been raped and murdered in a children’s home near London.The question is how has it happened?It seems that since the seventies then this had been raped and murdered in this home,although it has gone quiet across the media.The question why wasn’t it spotted earlier?And how often is this sort of thing going to keep going on for? And is it just the tip of the ice-berg?I mean we all know that the social services have been employing criminals as carers,do you think this is what has happened?just some views/opinions yours Tom Thumb..

Chann Sophon – Yes, surely-I strongly support Ms. WINKLE, there are many case already happen and the perpetrator are the social worker, religious people-nuns, as well as the chief of organization. I think that perpetrator or criminal who abused the children is the people who closely work with children. Moreover, not only the social worker abuse children, but all activities of providing social service and community development are also unconsciously violate children, too. In order to prevent children from abuse, each organization has to develop child protection policy and all staff have signed and applied children protection policy- zero-tolerance for child abuse.

DIANA WINKLE – it happened to my son,and i did everything to catch her and they covered it up and it has been 6 years since it happened.and i have hard cold proof to.

david Marsh – Obviously Chann,you are right it seems that those who work with children are the biggest criminals against children.I recently mentioned a media case in which a children’s home just outside of London has become a mass grave for children,and it seems that it may become a big case like the children’s home in Belgium in which some 37 children where raped and murdered by high ranking police officers and an M.P.The question is how as such cases like this being allowed to happen?just some views/opinions yours Tom Thumb.

Fuad Abu Zahra – Let’s differentiate between real crimes committed by criminals who kill and those of ignorant of social workers that may harm or destroy the personality of the children. These crimes are a matter for the police and criminals should be sued in courts of law, whether social workers or any educators.
The real problem is the (1) the social workers who are ignorant of the nature of their work and do harm to their children, usually unintentionally. and (2) the social workers who are abnormal and like to work with children to harass them intentionally. later type of social workers requires measures taken to CHOOSE the right persons before recruitment.

david Marsh – First I agree with some of what you are saying, ie destroying children’s lives by not being aware of attachment bonds. But also the social services have been employing criminals for years,because I have seen this policy over years.And then there is the recent case in the media which is focusing on a what looks like a grave for children which have been raped,and murdered in a children’s home just outside of London,I know they have been investigating the gardener.Obviously I will be keeping an eye on the media as regards to this case,and maybe feature it on the Tom Thumb website..But the question is in cases like this is how has been allowed to happen in the first place?I agree with more stringent checks,and certainly as regards to those who foster children.But it seems they employ anybody through the foster care side of social services,just some views/opinions yours Tom Thumb.

Chann Sophon – I totally agree with what you mentioned, I would like to add on the view of David, not only Police, In Cambodia as well as Asian region Most of Media company, especially Journalist also abused the child victims. The identity of the child victim were published in newspaper or broadcasted through T.V to all public sectors. Could anyone share me how tackle these issue? what is the best strategy and approach to be implemented?

Eugene Were – no they don’t.

david Marsh – Unfortunately Eugen social workers do “Rap” and “Murder” children.I will leave some examples at the bottom of this write for you. Obviously Chann, as you say media putting victims of abuse at risk is a big problem,here in the U.k we have the juvenile laws,which means media can not release a persons name up until the age of 17,as the individual is supposed to fall under the child laws.My rights have been breached by newspapers,and radio at sixteen.You can read this part of my life on this site by clicking the my story tab, the newspaper article is printed on my website.But you are right in saying that the media puts children at risk,I,m sure that Cambodia will have much the same laws which are supposed to protect juveniles(Children)but as always corruption plays its part.I myself through my life threatening experiences from corrupt officials know that children are not safe from the social services.I nearly lost my life in children’s homes,and through corrupt officialdom have suffered up to the present day.And now for Eugene,at the moment their has been a big case in which children have been raped and murdered and buried on the grounds of a children’s home just outside of London,the gardener is helping police with their enquiries , so I will keep an eye on the media for updates,but it seems it might be going down the road of the case in Belgium which happened some years ago in which 37 children was raped and murdered by high ranking police officers,and an M.P.But what I find amazing in these cases is how long the situations goes on for before being detected.Do you think that this happens because of status?In other words who would suspect an M.P would be involved in the rape and murder of children,do you think that status protects certain people from facing serious crimes as rape,and murder?In my opinion in the case in Belgium then it obviously does,and I think when the facts come out about the children’s home just outside of London,I think we will find that this is the case here as well.But another question is that at some point in these terrible cases somebody must have noticed something?just some views/opinions yours Tom Thumb.

Juma Kalwani – Absolutely true!. Think of the news from Somalia and DRC Congo where children and women are raped and sometimes murdered with social workers!.

david Marsh – It does not surprise me Juma.Here in the U.K the social services have been employing criminals for years.I nearly lost my life to the social services as a child,and they have caused me life long damages on a mental level.Obviously there is the big media case at the minute concerning a children’s home just outside of London in which they have found children’s bodies buried on the grounds what have been raped and murdered, enquiries are focused round the gardener.It seems that once people get in these organizations they are left to do what ever they want to children.But the question is how these sorts of atrocities going on for so log,before action and arrests are taken.I mean children are all our future,but yet they seem to have less,and less value in our communities.There is a children’s home about 2 miles away from me in which 2 social workers had been raping and abusing children since the seventies.Again the question must come that how come it was not detected long before the situation arises in which children lose their lives,just some views/opinions yours Tom Thumb.

Joy Okinda - Social in charitable children institutions have their issues right from lacking the training to handle children in the particular setting. They require more information on even the implications of abuse and also information on children rights and the duty bearer obligation

david Marsh – I agree Joy with your comments.But also the faster care side of the social services allows criminals to get access through this door of faster care.But what gets me is in certain cases when people are arrested in children’s homes for raping and abusing children,it seems that in a lot of these cases that it usually stems back for years,sometimes as long as 30 years.Obviously there is the case in a children’s home just outside of London in which they have discovered what seems to be a mass grave in which children have been raped and murdered and buried on the grounds.The question is how come these cases are not detected long before.Do you thin status protects these people from arrest?As well as corruption?Just some views/opinions yours Tom Thumb.

Beatrice Ekua ANSAH – ESHON – David I do not condone evil I just answered a question. Yes they do, Chann It is the perpetrators whose image must be put in the public domain and not the victim. Here are some options. 1. Examining your country’s domestic laws on child rights if it was crafted out of the UNCRC then it will have portions about disclosure of identity. If it clear on not publishing the identity of the victim child then take the media house to court. You could use the services of Legal Aid if you have that facility in your country. 2.Article 8 of the UNCRC makes provission for preservation of identity of the child there are other provisions that ask for the respect of the privacy of the child. Use these as your trump cards to seek legal redress or to advocate for halt in that practice. 3. create the environment where children learn more of their rights ie participating in the Global Vote which is done in 115 countries world wide.

david Marsh – I agree Beartrice.The perpetrators should be in the public domain,not the victim.On a personal level my own story at involves exposing certain newspaper and radio and t.v news stations involved in crimes against children.And we have other stories of child abuse and how the police was involved at . as I say my story involves media breaching children’s rights.I mean when we look at certain cases in which a lot of children are abused in a children’s home,and then it turns out that the abuse has been systematic over a period of time,then you will also find a lot of corruption involved in these cases.I mean the case on our website just shows how corrupt the police was just in that case,maybe you can read some of the stories Beatrice and give your views/opinions yours Tom Thumb.

So what do you think?? Have your say…….

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9 Responses to Discussion – Do social workers “Rape” & “Murder” children???

  1. Tom says:

    Yes they do and they then to be stoped. How can we stop them?

    • DARIA says:

      DCF makes more problems than they help people and totally mess up kids and families. The whole dept needs to be dismantled and reformed as they don’t know their ass from their elbows. Any adult can manipulate a child of what to say or how to think if they want to and it happens all the time and that is why there are 50% innocent inmates in prison. These social workers are worthless and their motives are all messed up. Children and families who are innocent and regular families are put thru hell because of this dept of the state which does not work and ruins lives. How do we stop it? The state does not want to hear anything about anything they just want to do what they want and the hell with anyone else. I have no use for social workers as the ones we had totally sold us out and they were supposed to be on our side? I could go on for hours. Children are being raped and murdered by social workers everyday and they could ruin your family in a blink of an eye.

  2. Haleema says:

    I do believe that SOME are capable and actually do rape & murder children. I do believe that MOST are capable of covering up for their mistakes. I do believe that MANY do not have the qualifications to be in the position of determining the safety of children. I do believe that the problem is from the lack of accountability, the unjustified immunity for perjury, corruption & deception and the greed of states who found that they can supplement the budget by unfounded, illegal removal of children to sell them for adoption bonuses from the federal government. I do believe the entire child “dis-services” system needs to be investigated, reformed & be held accountable for EVERY child’s safety!

  3. Leonard Henderson says:

    “Social Worker” is a misuse of terminology. Here we are specifically referring to Child Protection agents, aka “CPS workers” or “CPS agents”. 

    Having clarified that, I can say with complete confidence that CPS agents are Lucifer aka Satan in flesh form.

    There are no suitable words for them and what they do, except the entire breadth of synonyms relating to Malfeasance- http://thesaurus.com/browse/Malfeasance

    In the United States, there are a number of laws CPS agents violate on a daily basis, several of which are Capital crimes-

    Similarly, the courts that hear these cases are completely unconstitutional “Administrative Law” courts of Civil law.

    Real child abuse is a Crime, and should be handled as a Crime in a Constitutional Criminal court.

    The solution is- make Child abuse a Crime. Retrain CPS agents (while in prison) to clean public toilets.

    Leonard Henderson, co-founder
    American Family Rights
    “Until Every Child Comes Home”©
    “The Voice of America’s Families”©

  4. Collins says:

    Hey lets be frank here, dis ppl called social workers are human beings jst like every body who commits a crime, so i dont think that they are above those crimes . Bcos they are nt super humans

  5. David Marsh says:

    First we must remember that children have rights under law.And although in certain cases “Social workers” have raped and murdered children,obviouslt the most famous case was in Belgium in which 37 children was raped and murdered in a childrens home.The killers included an high ranking Police officer,and and M.P.But the question remains how could such a case involving so many deaths not be detected??Is it status what protects these individuals from being detected??And then there is the case at the moment involving a childrens home just outside of London,again involving the rape and murder of children(Tom Thumb will keep a close watch on this case to reveal the facts)agin is it status which protects certain individuals facing serious charges such as murder?What do you think?

  6. Luke's Army says:

    How’s this for evidence…
    I have just recorded an interview regarding Tweed Heads manager Michael Buckley. He was informed last Friday about an illegal brothel which had children as young as 13 working as sex slaves in Murwillumbah. He refused to acknowledge or investigate even after the person returned a second time to give the details of where this brothel could be found. The person told another source and the brothel in Isle of Capri in Surfer’s Paradise was raided on Saturday with numerous other girls found at this address.

    One of the girls has identified Michael Buckley as some who was on the premises frequently. According to my sources Michael Buckley was the only one he informed of this brothel’s exixtance. He went to the police the next day who raided several other premises which had been tipped off and shut down.

    Part of the recording can be watched here…

    The full blog can be viewed here…

    • admin says:

      Thank you for contacting us with this information. We have decided to post what you have had to say on the front page of our site to give this story more exposure as we think everyone should know what has been going on .

  7. heatherrrr says:

    now it i believe can go two ways physically and what socail workers do to families when they remove children and lie and twist parents words to the courts they are evil people and its sad cuz they dont always do the right things for the families or kids

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