Discussion – Do teachers matter in how children develop in the community???

do teachers matter?

Do teachers matter in how children develop in the community? What do you think? yours Tom Thumb.

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Robert Libka – I just want to start by saying this is an amazingly important question. There are superintendents that insist on concentrating on the classroom without regard to community connection. They say that is all we can control. In fact within that locus of control we do impact the lives of children greatly, often engaged in more conversation than children have with either parent or siblings. Let’s hear from others on this important topic.

Robert Libka – Quick addition:
If we believe we have an impact what obligations does that suggest for the teacher???

david Marsh – I agree with you Robert it is an amazingly important question.Teachers are supposed to be role models,but this view will vary across society.But do teachers focus on what affects children,when they do talk to children?Just some views,thanks Tom Thumb.

Richard Werling – It takes a village to raise a child. Today, more than ever this is true. Teachers are one part, a very important aspect, of that equation. That being said, we can not do it alone. We, as educators, need to involve all aspects of the community. This not only involves parents, but community organizations, business leaders, local politicians, etc. We need to reach out to them, make sure that students are not only receiving the best resources from them, but that our students are being exposed to diverse views, thereby educating them on tolerance. Students need to be made aware that what they say and how they act impacts the community, both their immediate neighborhood as well as society as a whole. The problem is that we tend to focus on reading, writing, and arithmetic, and forget about teaching social sciences and citizenship. Students need to be “taught” that while one does not have to agree with what another person believes, they do need to respect the fact that that person has the right to believe it without prejudice, they same way the other person needs to show respect toward the student’s view. We need discussion, not intolerance. That is how teachers need to develop communities. The communities we need to build are diverse learners, exposed to various thoughts and views from both local and global perspectives.

Susan Hirsch – I think that teachers are vital to students, now days. We see them for more of the 24 hour day, than their parents, in most cases. I speak with my students (Middle School) and they tell me that most of them are on their own or taking care of their siblings after school, some times as late as 10 pm.

david Marsh – I agree with you Richard 100%,it seems that a lot of children don,t respect other children and their views.In my opinion this is down to “Primary socialization”,and you are right to say that these children need to learn to respect not just other children and their views,but also adults,obviously a different set of problems.My own opinions is that,more and more children have no value of another persons views,and this is down to how the child is nurtured.In a society where bad behavior is more rewarded than god behavior,then what does this entail for us all?Has the great divide made things worse?It seems that “Teachers” have become less of an influence on children,for so many different reasons,but what can be done to change this situation?Yours Tom Thumb.

So what do you think???

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