Discussion – Are victims of Domestic Violence safe from the Police?

domestic violence
Talking about domestic Abuse in the hope to make change

Are victims of Domestic Violence safe from the Police???What do you think? If not what can be done to change this??

We want to know what you have to say. Get intouch and share your views and opinions. We look forward to hearing what you have to say

Christcenter (ed) commented through twitter and this is what he had to say – Depends how trained police are in Domestic Violence. In the past they’d blame victims. Unfortunately, race, socio-economic status also affect

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One Response to Discussion – Are victims of Domestic Violence safe from the Police?

  1. Support For Abused Women says:

    First let me just say thank you for visiting my web page on Facebook. Next let me just say that there are several factors that go into your question. It depends upon a lot of times where the person lives. Some states have better laws than others when dealing with domestic violence. Here in Washington State there is an automatic no contact order put into place when a woman or man calls the police for domestic violence. In my home state of Kansas you have to wait for it to take affect. As far as women being safe from the police, it depends a lot on the policies of the police station but what matters the most is what each individual police officer feels about domestic violence. I personally have dated two police officers in my past and both of them had tainted views about abuse and what a woman goes through, calling her stupid for going back. A man may not ever be able to understand what it is like to be in an abusive relationship and why we as women go back. I believe that part of what can help is when a police officer goes through training he/she should have to take an extensive domestic violence course to be informed about what women go through. Then it should be mandatory for them to have to take refresher courses every year. These are some of the things that I rally for as I know what it is like to be an abused woman who the police didn’t believe me when I called the and they had to ask witnesses before they would put my ex husband in jail. So no I don’t feel that ultimately women are safe from the police but I hope and pray that one day the laws will be changed in all states. Thank you for bringing light to this situation. More people need to pay attention to this issue!

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