News – UPDATE – East Common Lane robbery in Scunthorpe

East Common Lane robbery in Scunthorpe

Post office raider threatened to kill us if we didn’t turn panic alarm off

Update on the East Common Lane Post Office robbery in Scunthorpe. The following is an account from the couple who suffered at the hands of Eithan Teanby. An ordeal that left them badly injured and now haunts them with flashbacks of the event. original post can be found on the site @

The following is taken from and was originally published 1st June 2012

East Common Lane Post Office following the raid on monday 21st May

A couple who were attacked in a robbery at the post office they run say they are still having flashbacks about the incident.

Hilarie Stoneham-Smith and Peter Smith were badly injured during an attack at the post office on East Common Lane, Scunthorpe.
Mr Smith sustained 11 stab wounds, including a ten-inch gash on his head, while Mrs Stoneham-Smith was slashed in the face in an attack that narrowly missed her eye.

In an interview with the Telegraph, both spoke of how they have been left shocked by the attack.

Mrs Stoneham-Smith, 65, said: “We have been running this post office for nine years and never thought this would happen.
“We put on a brave face when we go out to customers, but inside we are shaken.

“Every time I close my eyes, I re-live the whole event and have awful flashbacks.”

Mr Smith, 65, who like his wife had to be treated at Scunthorpe General Hospital, said he became suspicious as soon as the attacker entered the store.
“When the man entered the post office, I thought he was a bit odd as he had a lot of layers of clothing on.

“He asked our employee Sue Smith if he could photocopy something.

“As she turned her back, he battled through the door to the counter, punching her.

“I tried to push him away but he repeatedly punched me and stabbed me with a knife.”

Mrs Stoneham-Smith, 65, was in the back room next to the Post Office when the incident happened.

She said: “The first thing I heard was a loud scream from Sue.

“I ran into the post office and saw a man attacking Pete, so I grabbed the man by the collar to pull him away.

“He turned around and slashed me down the face with the knife he was holding.

“Pete had pressed the panic alarm which was very loud and the man was shouting ‘turn that off or I will kill you.’

“I managed to crawl to the phone and phone the police to tell them we were under attack.

“Pete was covered in blood and I had blood dripping into my eye.

“He has a deep puncture wound in the back which went down to the bone and a 10cm knife wound down his head.”

The couple have now re-opened the Post Office.

Detectives want to speak to Eithan Teanby, who recently absconded from HMP North Sea Camp in Boston, in connection with the investigation.They say he may be able to help with inquiries.

Police are searching for the whereabouts of Eithan Teanby

Eithan Teanby -

The Post Office Ltd is offering a reward of up to £10,000 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of those responsible for the robbery.

Anyone with information should call 999 or 101 quoting log 354 of May 21

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