Discussion – Can Bullying / Violence ever be stopped???


Bullying and violence  affects all of us in one way or another whether personally or family and friends. It takes on may differnt forms and happens every second of every minute of everyday to people all around the world. The different forms of bullying can be found @ http://tomthumb.info/tt/index.php/bullying.  No one deserves to be bullied. everyone deserves the right to live in a world free from bullying.By standing together and speaking out we hope to help in putting a full stop to bullying of every form. Below is a picture concerning the stats on bullying in the United states and shows just how big the problem is over there. Its a scary thought to think how big the problem is in the rest of the world…

Stats on Bullying in the U.S

Stats on Bullying in the U.S

Tomthumb.info started a petition to put a stop to bullying which can be found @ http://tomthumb.info/tt/?p=250. It began so that people could be united in the fight against bullying in the hope that one day a full stop can be put to bullying and violence. Alone we can achieve little but together we can achieve greatness.

Can bullying / Violence ever be stopped???

Have your say and let tomthumb.info know what you think. We look forward to hearing your views and opinions. Also we would like you to share your ideas on what you think can be done to help in the fight against bullying. No matter how big or small, each of us have a role to play in stamping out bullying. By been united and speaking out we can make change in the hope that no one has to live with the effects bullying creates.

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2 Responses to Discussion – Can Bullying / Violence ever be stopped???

  1. David Marsh says:

    The question is “Do we need “New” laws for “Bullying????As we see “New” laws being introduced in countries like Korea which has introduced “New” laws to deal with “Bullying”.Again would “New” laws protect serious “Violent offenders” who have been labelled “Bullies”,instead of “Violent offender,and would “New” laws protect more criminals??But also does the youth of today now need “New” laws to protect them in the workplace,and the community???And if “New” laws are not introduced then where does this leave “Future” victims of “Bullying???What do you think??

  2. Tap Bullies Away says:

    Violence has existed for as long as mankind has. Even animals can be violent. Can we stop people from being violent? Parents stopped giving boys guns as toys and so they use their fingers as pretend guns. What we resist persists. Maybe it’s time to ask a different question. What makes someone be violent or a bully? Can we change how we create those influences? We need to be able to access our ability to defend ourselves when our life or our family’s lives are in danger, just as the creator of Tom Thumb has described in his story. Let’s get to specifics. Let’s talk about what makes someone violent? Are there truly evil people who delight in harming others? TV seems to be filled with shows about them. But most people aren’t psychopathic killers. Does parenting techniques influence our capacity to create loving, safe and nurturing relationships? Robin Grille in his book Parenting for a Peaceful World thinks so. Does how we manage our emotions lead to acts of violence and bullying? What about our self-esteem level? What about if we feel loved or like we belong? What about jealousy? What about the patriarchal society? The very structure of our society is one based on competition and compassion. We have to have winners and losers. We make someone poor and someone else rich. Are we willing to find a “new” way to exist in this world? Do we want to thrive? There is a Thrive Movement trying to influence how we all live. Can bullying and violence be stopped? That’s our choice! We all have to choose a better way of treating people and expect our society to value things other than money, greed and winning at all cost. In the meantime using Emotional Freedom Technique to change how we feel and react so we can build resilience and empathy is a good start.

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