Child Abuse -Social workers “Rape” & “Murder” ..

Child abuse

We have recently been running the discussion looking at child abuse and “ Do social workers rape and murder children???” today we have been contacted by Lucke’s army with some very interesting information that we thought should be shared with all. This is an ongoing discussion can be found @ so if you wish to comment then please feel free to. We are always interested in what you have to say abour the issue of child abuse. Below is the comment that Luke’s Army sent us.

How’s this for evidence of child abuse in Social Services…

I have just recorded an interview regarding Tweed Heads manager Michael Buckley. He was informed last Friday about an illegal brothel which had children as young as 13 working as sex slaves in Murwillumbah.

He refused to acknowledge or investigate even after the person returned a second time to give the details of where this brothel could be found. The person told another source and the brothel in Isle of Capri in Surfer’s Paradise was raided on Saturday with numerous other girls found at this address.

One of the girls has identified Michael Buckley as some who was on the premises frequently. According to my sources Michael Buckley was the only one he informed of this brothel’s exixtance. He went to the police the next day who raided several other premises which had been tipped off and shut down.

Part of the recording can be watched here…

The full blog can be viewed here…

What do you think??? Have you say and share you views and opinions.

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4 Responses to Child Abuse -Social workers “Rape” & “Murder” ..

  1. Rich says:

    One need look only to Sandusky incident to see that sexual abuse and child abuse happens and is often uncovered or stays uncovered. Often pillars of the community sexually abuse or abuse their children or even victims of poverty children are often afraid to tell

  2. Twyla says:

    Child Welfare, only steps in when its an easy win. The majority of their cases are low income families whom they destroy over ridiculous reasons. Seems they are never there when you need them, but always when you don’t. They take kids from good families, but not from bad ones where it is really needed. It is not a public service, it is a corrupt business, supported by police and the judicial system because of the income it generates.

    • admin says:

      There has been countless documented cases which have hit the headlines in which children have been murdered and/or abused by those that are supposed to be protecting them such as social services.
      Majority of these take place in children’s homes and do not come to light till many years later. Some of the more published cases which are known across the world are the murder of 37 children which happened in Belgium involving high ranking officers. Similar cases have also been reported to have taken place across the UK and America. In fact most countries, and again involving the social services dont respond to these issue till it is too late and the damage has been done

  3. plan cul says:

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on Bullying. Regards

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