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Vicious Gang Attack

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Teenage boy is left fighting for sight after vicious gang attack that left him so badly injured surgeons had to ‘rebuild’ his face

• Trainee chef has endured months of hospital treatment and still needs another operation which he hopes will correct his vision
• Ali Haydor, 21, of Hyde, has been charged with grievous bodily harm and is due to stand trial this year.

By Shari Miller
PUBLISHED: 14:40, 12 June 2012 | UPDATED: 18:05, 12 June 2012

A teenager who was so viciously beaten by a gang of thugs that he was almost blinded and needed plastic surgery to rebuild his face says he feels his life has been ‘put on hold’ as he slowly recovers from the attack.

Trainee chef Daniel Stringer-Price, 17, quit his college course, suffers double vision and is afraid to go outside on his own, after the unprovoked attack earlier this year.

He was left for dead, bleeding and barely conscious, after up to eight men kicked and punched him repeatedly in the head.

His best friend, Kavan Brown, 17, also suffered a broken nose during the assault in Hyde, Greater Manchester, on February 4.

The friends had been enjoying a Saturday night out when the attack happened.

Daniel’s injuries were so severe that surgeons at Manchester Royal Infirmary had to rebuild fractures to his skull, cheeks and eye sockets with plastic surgery.

He now faces another operation later this year, which he hopes will cure his sight problems and help him return to his course at Tameside College.

Daniel, who lives in Woodley, Stockport, said: ‘It feels like I’ve been forced to stop living my life. I can’t carry on with my college course and things I used to enjoy, like playing football and cricket, I can’t do any more.

‘Some days I’m not too bad but others days I wake up and I can’t see anything. Even if I get my sight back, some things that I used to take for granted have become virtually impossible.

‘I can’t go outside on my own now because I don’t feel safe and I’ve found it tough to go into college as it means I’ve got to travel past the site of the attack.’

‘I try my best not to think about the attack but it’s difficult when I’m still living with the effects. I just want to go back to college and get on with my life, but at the moment I can’t.’

Speaking in the aftermath of the vicious assault, Daniel’s mother Cheryl said: ‘I wish someone would tell me why they left my baby for dead in the road. I’m lucky to still have him’.

Ali Haydor, 21, of Hyde, has been charged with grievous bodily harm and is due to stand trial this year.

Three other men arrested in connection with the incident have since been released without charge.

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