Discussion – Do teachers “BULLY” teachers???


Do teachers “BULLY” teachers???

Does this really happen??? do teachers bully other teachers???

We want to know what you think about this issue.  We would like  to hear  your views, opinions and your stories if you yourself have been a victim of bullying whilst teaching. Everyone is vunerable to the effects of bullying. Most likely that if you yourself have not been bullied you know of someone close to you that has . Tomthumb hopes to help in the fight against bullying. By speaking out against it we can outline just how much of a problem it we hope we can help make a change and put a full stop to bullying of any forn or kind. No one should have to put up with bullying!!

Bullying often brings to mind school bullying between children, but bullying can also involve adults. Teachers can sometimes be the bully, or be the victim of students or teachers who bully other teachers. Keep reading at the following link for more information on bullying teachers.


During 2010 USA today published the following as rules were been implemented in California to prevent teachers bullyin teachers. The bullying of children had always tried to be tackled and it showed that teachers were also vunerable to the affects of bullying. Something that we all know also happens but has never really been looked at.


What do you think?? do teachers bully others and if so what do you think can be done to improve teacher safety in schools to help combat this happening. We look forward to hearing your views and opinions on this suject. Have your say…. Yours Tomthumb

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4 Responses to Discussion – Do teachers “BULLY” teachers???

  1. Bud Collier says:

    I have helped a few familes with this issue. I have seen petitions dealing with the abuse from coaches in two schools. I think there is a problem but a lot of times the incidents go unreported.

    • admin says:

      We would like to hear more about what you do and how you have helped people regarding this issue. Tomthumb.info is here to shine a light on the wrongdoings and acts as a platform for all to have a voice in outlining the incidents that the world doesnt hear about. Everyone deserves the right to be listened to and know they are never alone. By speaking out we can make change and show that their are others as well that are willing to stand up for what they believe in , to make a better tomorrow for all.

  2. maría says:

    Ocurre a veces que un profesor o profesora inicia la agresión contra algún niño o niña. Suelen ser profesores muy seductores que ejercen influencia emocional en el grupo. Al poco, el niño señalado -que había sido elegido como víctima por la profesora o profesor-, se convierte en víctima de bullying, al haberlo situado la maestra o el maestro en situación de gran debilidad ante el grupo de niños, de manera reiterada.
    Esto lo he observado personalmente, contra niños extranjeros, pero de una determinada nacionalidad. Soy testigo directo. Daba la coincidencia de que se trataba de alumnos(as) brillantes.

  3. Christine says:

    My story involves Assault-dismissed 5weeks of Workplace mobbing.!
    2 diagnosis of severe PTSD + Anxiety -dismissed. Then 2 years of continued ‘ bullying’, leaving me unemployed(denied RTW)-ed dept- ignored PTSD- no leave, no pay
    All because Principal WITHOUT PRINCIPLES- stated:” get rid of her whatever it takes,”( to many dept employees!) & he corruptly, fraudulently, lied to change what was his SERIOUS MISCONDUCT in assaulting myself…2 yrs later “I’m thanked for 30 yrs clean Great record to ” criminal on a list with paedophile a unable to even volunteer/ enter any school.”
    All based on the assailants LIES ALL OBVIOUS ALL CORRUPT.
    What do you think of education Australian Style?
    I was loved, expert & experienced & the teacher the students came to!!!!
    Now,52 penniless, dying from stress induced lymphoma !!
    Other staff have met similar demise all kept secret
    All at the detriment of students & staff..
    Love C

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