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Should victims be prosecuted for defending themselves and their families in their own homes???

This is a very controversal subect with those for the right to be able to defend themselve and their familes and those that are against. Tomthumb.info wants to know your views and opinions on this and share any stories that you may have. We look forward to hearing what you have to say. Tomthumb

Click on the links below to see some of the stories that hit the headlines on this subject.

One of the biggest stories ever to hit the headlines in the uk was the story of Tony Martin, a farmer from Norfolk,who in 1999 killed one burglar and wounded another who had both entered his home. He was convicted of murder, replaced with manslaughter on appeal, and as a result became a cause célèbre, and polarised opinion in the United Kingdom. To read more on this story click the following links




Another was the story of  Munir Hussain who was jailed for 30 months following an attack on a burglar who had broken into his home and threatened him and his family. This caused controversy because the law was perceived by some to be biased in favour of the perpetrator instead of the victim. To read more on this story click the following links




The story of Hale DeMar hit the healines in the Us when he shot a home invader and was prosecuted for defending himself and his children




And also the story of an Oak Park gas station owner shoots an armed robber who was prosecuted for defending himself. He was peacefully and lawfully going about his business when an armed robber broke in. The owner drew his handgun and managed to save his own life, rather than become another armed robbery murder statistic. Unfortunatly  his place of business was in Oak Park, Illinois, which has a handgun ban. The gas station owner was prosecuted by the village of Oak Park for defending himself.



The above are just some of the stories about victims been prosecuted for defending themselves. Let us know what you think. Have your say……

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