Discussion – Will corruption ever end???


Do you think corruption can ever be stopped? What do you think could be done to help in achieving an end to it?

Corruption can take many forms. The best way to describe it is the abuse of entrusted power for financial or private gain. This varies from such things as influencing someones decisions for personal benefit to bribery and blackmail. It exist is every country around the world and impacts on peoples lives in a whole host of different ways. In the worst cases it costs peoples lives. It affects the poor and/or the vulnerable the most but has an impact on everyone.

Is corruption the cause or is it the result???

Corruption may be something that started with turning a blind eye but then it escalates into something bigger and so on, becoming more and more acceptable and eventually becoming a way of life.

Corruption is often linked to issues such as crime, poverty, drug trafficking, terrorism, sex trafficking, discrimination and injustice. Do you think that these are the causes of corruption or the results that are born due to it happening???

Why do people become corrupt???

Is it because they are selfish or is it because being corrupt may be the easiest way or indeed the only way to get what they want in life???

Have your say and let us know what you think…

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3 Responses to Discussion – Will corruption ever end???

  1. Akil Todd Harvey says:

    Corruption exists everywhere around the world?
    I thought corruption only existed where white people exist. Get rid of the white people and there will be no more corruption (this is the New Black Panther policy).
    I thought corruption only existed where men reside. get rid of all the men is the formula a lot of feminists seem to be advocating (recent books by feminists have come out with titles like, “The End of Men” by Hanna Rosen – she doesnt call it the shifting powers of men, nor the diminishing powers of men….nope, just an outright prediction for our demise)…..
    Corruption, likely, will never end.
    Thinking that we can end corruption is like thinking we can travel faster than the speed of light (you only think that if you ignore all the known rules of human nature or the physical laws of our universe).
    Just because I dont think we can ever end corruption does not mean that I think we should ever stop trying to eradicate corruption wherever it is found. We must be careful, however, in our zeal to eliminate corruption, we might ourselves become corrupt. In our zeal to prevent all evil, we might ourselves become the evil overlord who runs around dishing out punishments (that may or may not be deserved).

  2. Twyla says:

    DHS Child Welfare is a corrupt system, more corrupt in some states than others, especially in Oregon, where they can pretty much do anything they want and go unchecked by any sort of checks and balances, resulting in destroying families and the lives of those families.

    What we need to do is petition state legislation to create an internal affairs agency that puts stricter controls and penalties on DHS workers who cross the line, as they do so frequently. Someone they have to answer to, who is not going to be their buddy, and let things slide. Maybe even a different agency entirely from DHS. DHS is supposed to have a primary goal of reunifying parents with their children within a certain time window. But right now, workers common practice is to just keep putting things off for as long as they can and then use the excuse that it would be too upsetting to the children to place them back home. Where is the pressure? Why isn’t there someone they have to answer to for that? DHS abuses the power they have way too often, playing God with families. They should have to have solid evidence before taking action against families, instead of just assumptions, or beliefs that something has been done wrong by a parent.

    Another thing that needs to change is the wide range of DHS contracted ‘experts’ such as life skills workers, parenting coaches, psychologists, and other professionals who are supposed to teach and evaluate parents. Currently most of those contracted ‘experts’ know where their paycheck comes from, so they make sure to not work in the parents best interest, but rather provide more evidence to the courts that DHS needs the abused power that they are given, to continue indefinitely. These DHS contracts need to be ceased. Parents should be given the list of expectations, and go get them on their own, at the states expense. No pre-arranged contracts.

    Here’s another good question…when DHS sends out a report that says they have a ‘founded’ allegation against you, shouldn’t the court agree with their ‘founded’ allegation? I mean if the court does not agree, then how can DHS keep it as a ‘founded’ allegation? and then later use it as grounds to open another case.

    • admin says:

      Corruption has become an even bigger problem than ever,even today most anti-corruption officers have become corrupt,there seems to be no will to stop corruption either in the civilian sector as regards to fraud and corruption in business,as well as other different “TYPES” of corruption like police corruption,dhss corruption,and judicial corruption.
      Changes needs to come and the world that we live in needs cleaning up. By standing united and speaking out tomthumb,info wants to help in ridding ourselves of these such issues that plague us.

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