Flash game promotes Bullying and Abuse.

Flash game promotes Bullying and Abuse

Pro Bullying and Abuse game hits the internet

American internet blogger Anita Sarkeesian started a online project in May of this year to raise the money she needed to research “ tropes vs women in video-games.”  What began as a kick starter project in researching this issue has turned into something very different indeed.

The sick and disturbing video game “Beat up Anita Sakeesian” as been unveiled on the internet inviting users to do exactly as the title says. Users of the site have left messages condemning the game but comments have also  been left talking about  violence, physical assaualt and rape towards the blogger. Several comments when we looked at the site where shocking to read and gave the thumbs up and 5/5 to the project.

 The game which can be found @  http://www.newgrounds.com  has accused the blogger of scamming people which has helped her so far raise in excess of  $158.000 (due to tomthumb.info’s beliefs we did not want to post a direct link as we do not promote violence and abuse of any shape or form)

Flash game promotes Bullying and Abuse

Flash game promotes Bullying and Abuse

Above  is the only picture that we are willing to post. What starts out as as a picture inviting users to hit her soon changes with each click gradually depicting  bruised eyes, mouth and a broken and bloody nose. The end result is horrific.

Regardless of the ins and outs of the accusations, how can it be right and just to promote violence, bullying and abuse online. Tomthumb.info would like to see a ban on things like this been accessible and allowed to be published on the internet. Issues such as violence, abuse and bullying of any kind have no place in the world that we live in and we hope one day that a full stop will be put to them all.

More information about Anita Sarkeesian story can be found @ http://www.newstatesman.com/blogs/internet/2012/07/what-online-harassment-looks

What do you think??? We want to know your views and opinions on this story. We look forward to hearing what you have to say

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One Response to Flash game promotes Bullying and Abuse.

  1. john sankey says:

    its horrific but reveals the real attitude of people when they are immune torepecusions or feel secure in anonymity or distance. IT is useful in revealing how widespread and vile these attitudes are and I for one based on experience do not accept the qualifier that these are only fantasies and would not be acted out in reality. If there was the opportunity to avoid consequences in the physical world they would and are being acted upon.

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