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Are Victims of “Bullying / Violence” safe to report the incident???If not what can be done to change this???

 Bullying and violence affects all of us in one way or another whether personally or family and friends. It takes on may differnt forms and happens every second of every minute of everyday to people all around the world. The different forms of bullying can be found @ http://tomthumb.info/tt/index.php/bullying.

What we want to know though is “Are Victims of “Bullying / Violence” safe to report the incident???”. We have learnt that sometimes people who are experiencing bullying and violence in whatever form it takes don’t want to call the police because they are frightened that it might make the situation worse.

A story published in October 2010 showed that many who asked for help from the police were often left dissatisfied. some claiming that those who the incident was reported to were unhelpful and that reporting their incident was a waste of time. The article also goes on to givivng personal accounts of people that have reported incidents to the police . The full sotry can be found @ http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/crime/8083115/Reporting-crime-is-a-waste-of-time-says-survey.html.

One comment tha shows just how bad the problem is of people not reporting incidents was “When people do complain to the police, the police response was “not good”, the report said, with 63 per cent of complainants unhappy at the way their concerns were handled. “

What part does fear play when a victim is deciding whether to go to the police or not? Are they safe to report the incident? By this we mean are there enough laws in place to protect the victim as a safe guard to any repercussions of reporting an incident? Is there still faith in the policing? If not what can be done to change all this?

We want hear your views and opinions on this, Have your say and let us know what you think…

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