Discussion – Bullying vs Political Policy sustainability


“ATTACK THE INNOCENT TO PROTECT THE GUILTY” is this policy sustainable regarding “Bullying / Violence” in schools/workplace/courts etc???

Tomthumb would to know your thoughts, views and opinions on what is happening in he world around us. The things that affect us and shape where we live. We look forward to hearing what you have to say…..

What do you think can be done to change this? Is everyone treated as equals? Why are those that are guilty protected? Do the rights of the victim shadow in comparison to the guilty party? Do laws need to be changed? What do you think???

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2 Responses to Discussion – Bullying vs Political Policy sustainability

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  2. Christine Moore ( McGuire) says:

    My colleague reported the initial assault by the Principal, 25/05/2011, on myself, (science teacher,female,50+). A meeting ‘under false pretext, false entrapment, physical, verbal, sexual, psychological and emotional abuse. Denigrating, frightening and without basis, I was released an hour and a bit later, a crying, shaking wreck. The Deputy sent me home. My psychologist walked me to my car and my psychiatrist diagnosed ‘Severe PTSD + Anxiety.
    The Dept of Education Investigation was a sham. They asked him if he did it??????
    All is documented, with robust admissible evidence. Instead, those who were meant to protect me, (within school) went on a two year WITCH HUNT. This has left me penniless, disillusioned, homeless, suicidal and ill. After 30 years in a job I loved and was considered ‘expert and experienced’, as well as “talented”, I am now living below the poverty line. I have all documents to show the Endemic Systemic CORRUPTION.. I just don’t have the health. My thank you for 30 yrs of service. Death by PTSD,loneliness and poverty.

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