A Great day for Tom Thumb

tom Thumb would like to say

Tom Thumb has now hit 2000 facebook likes

On June 30 the site had reached its first 1000 likes , now not even a month later we are now happy to say the Tomthumb.info has reached it’s 2000 likes for the story that started everything, my story( http://tomthumb.info/tt/index.php/my-story/ ). Once again I would like  to say a big thank you to everyone that has liked and shared my story, those that have shared their own stories and also to those who have joined in the discussions on here and the social network sites. Without your support and input tomthumb.info would’nt be the site it is today.It Has been a absolutley great month for the site and hopefully it just keeps going from strength to strength and we can help in the fight against the issues we feel so strongly about.


Tomthumb.info hopes to carry on shining a light on the wrong doings in the world and talking about the issues that matter to us all.

May there be many more likes to come but most of all may there be change.
Yours Tom Thumb

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