Discussion – Are films and video games to blame???


Are films and video games to blame for the rise in violence and crime???

We want hear your views and opinions on this, Have your say and let us know what you think…

Video games have been around for over 40 years and are now estimated to be played by 69% of the worlds population. They have advanced immensely since the days of pong due to technological advances which allows the player to immerse themselves in a fantasy world facing different scenario’s in a whole range of different genre’s.

Not only have video games advanced but so has tv and film both on and off the silver screen with 100’s of billions of people watching them every single year. Like video games, tv and film allows us to escape reality, entertaining us with a whole variety of stories varying in genre to suit the mood of the watcher such as comedy, action, horror and thriller just to name a few.

As well as the increase in video game players and movie watchers we have also seen a rise in violence.  More and more we hear of campus shootings, massacres, unprovoked attacks and horrifying incidents where the innocent end up paying for the views of the others with the loss of life or been left both mentally and physically scarred if the live. The latest of which been the shooting tragedy at Aurora’s Century 16 movie theater where  12 people were killed  and 59 injured during a midnight screening of ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ last Friday.

Do video games and movies fuel violent acts? Do they alter behavior?  Could this be due to such game series as Grand Theft Auto and Call of Duty? or movies such as Natural Born killers, A Serbian film and Reservoir dogs ?(the lists are endless) Are we jaded towards violence due to culture as we are more open then previous generations? Or is it constant, incessant fear-mongering on the news to try and get people to watch as sensationalist media sells ? Are these Mediums been used as an excuse for the bad that happens? What do you think? Share you views and opinions and have your say….

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2 Responses to Discussion – Are films and video games to blame???

  1. Wanda says:

    Yes of course and I believe there are studies that have proven this. Not only movies and video games are involved.

    Just last night my husband and I were watching Americas Funniest Home Videos….we were appalled at some of the videos that were entered by adults to air nationally and to profit from.

    There are much more positive ways to entertain children and teenagers rather than allow the media to “baby sit” our youth. I am not saying watching tv is bad, but must be monitored, time constraints especially.

    Back in the day when these things were not available, there were still issues with even the cartoons that were aired. There was violence portrayed on them also.

    But, youth was more involved with the upkeep of the home also. More time was spent in my growing up days in the outdoors than was spent in front of a television.

    Thinking that these movies and video games is a solution for bored youth, think again.

  2. Backiusflipius says:

    Ok i have been an avid gamer from the age of about 2 when i was just pressing simple buttons n movin the joystick on the commadore64/atari 65xe,

    i have enjoyed the violent games, driving games/sims and also the strategic and roleplay genres.i watched horrors,actions,comedies and a lil drama….
    many are turning to blame the media for our own mistakes and judgements, i am not a violent man (im 27) as you can see im in the ”optimal category of age”
    im a hard worker untill my recent injury but even though im unable to walk im looking for alternative work.

    my own experiences and things i have seen happen it is down to the governments ignorance to todays youth…. they will happily slate the younger generations but dont care to assist them in anything, more and more homes are being demolished and leaving people turning to private sector housing which they either dont qualify or unable to afford………
    this is where society says ”GET A JOB” well without fixed abode gaining employment could prove a very difficult task, the UK government has also decreased the rates of housing bennefit, inflation has sent all prices through the roof, people are struggling to find some where to live and being pushed into the sector of houses rats would turn away from!!!!!

    my main concern is when will the government realise this and apply the assistance GREATLY NEEDED to the younger generation i was personaly screwed over by the government several times but managed to slip out of the net as i had available support…….NOT EVERYBODY HAS THAT
    so again blaming games/media for the underlying truth of the government is ruining lives and not improving them is where we all need to be looking. i personaly use a game/gaming system to release my frustrations in a healthy way and it’s about time somebody took a stand on these factors as when the youths do they just get ignored (why nothing has been done) how can we improve our futures and societies until we improve the lifes of the people who will be living in it, running it, working in it, saving lives in it, policing it, securing it and most of all ARE IT.

    this is a statement about the youths and gaming/media
    for the youths of today who like to game
    By a ”sort of” youth of today

    Jono Backius Cooper

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