Wish you weren’t here…..

tom thumb

What is happening to the world that we live in??? Is it going to the dogs???

Tom thumb wants to know what do you think? Have your say and share your views and opinions about the issues that shape the world that we live in . We look forward to hearing what you have to say.

The world changes every second sometimes for the better but also for the worse.

War, poverty and famine have been around since the dawn of time, but now we also face a whole new multitude of issues that plague our everday lives and shape the world that we live in.

Corruption, injustice, abuse, discrimination, racism, bullying and all the different forms that these  take seem to be on the rise. It is impossible to go a day without opening the paper or watching the news and seeing or hearing about one of the things happening and those are just the cases that are reported. The majorityof case are never reported.

Like we have said not only have these problems risen but also they have diversified taking on many diffent forms.

– Corruption such as favoritism, authority, tributary, competence and bribery affect evryone form the little man to big companies and organization shaping and controling the way people live for benificial gain of the few.

–  Injustice takes on many forms such as oppression and inequality but always ends with the same outcome, people suffer and die due to neglect of those in power and those with the ability to make changes.

– Abuse is one of the issues where we dont actually realise just how much of a big problem this is. Case are often not reported immediatly and it isnt till several years later where we hear the victims story. Over the past decade we have heard more and more stories of abuse in child and elderly care homes, schools and where it is least expected in the home.Abuse does not discriminate and can affect everyone from the very young to the very old, male and female and of any race and/or religion. It can be both psychological and physical and leaces scars which aren’t just on the surface.

– Discrimination and racism is another growing issue. we see it hitting the headlines more and more in the workplace, in the community, on the tv ( such as in football games etc, the people we look up to as role models.) everywhere due to differential views and beliefs and a downturn in repect and common courtesey .

– Bullying  is a form of abuse and can be both psychological and phyiscal. Types include School bullying, Workplace bullying, Bullying in academia, Bullying in information technology, Bullying in medicine, Bullying in nursing, Bullying in teaching, Cyber-bullying, Gay bullying, Bullying of the disabled, Bullying in prisons, Bullying in the military. It hapens every second of every minute of everyday. Bullycide is a fairly new problem linked to bullying and is defined as the suicide of the victim due to the results and affects of bullying. Victims live in a constant state of fear and confusion in their lives. Many feel the only way to escape is to take their own life. The innocent end up paying with theier lives because of the guilty

Although we try to oppress these issues, standing up against them they seem to persist and as the world advances so do the problems that we face.

Not only do we face these issues but we have also seen a rise in criminal activty,rape and traffiking, shootings, knife crime, muggings and drugs. The world is forever changing around us and so are the places that we live. In some cases been able to go out after dark is unadvisible  as the streets aren’t safe, been in the wrong part of town where crime and violence is rife  and purely chance because of been in the wrong place at the wrong time. A recent story we posted showed that it is more likely to be murdered than winning big on the lottery(http://tomthumb.info/tt/index.php/2012/06/25/lottery-vs-murder/ .) This is a very scary thought. Over the past few decades, even the last decade everday life has changed so much, Long gone are the days of honour, respect, common courtesy and we are becoming  more like our neanderthal ancestors than we have ever been, de-evolving both socially and morally as time passes. Ask your parents and grand-parents how life was growing up for them and you can see how differnt life is today.As generations have past some things may have gotten better but there is a lot more that has gotten worse. All you need to do is look around you and you will be able to see all the bad and wrong doings in the world, and the affect theses issues are having in business but most of all in personal life.

What do you think??? Is the world going to the dogs? Are we de-evolving? Do we care more about what we can get then morals etc? We all the world is changing but is it for better or worse? Wat can be done in the fight against these issues?

Have your say and let us know what you think…..

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5 Responses to Wish you weren’t here…..

  1. Wanda says:

    Finding solutions to the issues you describe is not one of ease for many.

    In order to do so, voices must come forward and speak out. This is most times a painful experience for many.

    Until we realize that we are all a part of one another and not immune to the pain caused by the actions you describe, nothing will change or decrease.

    Changes happen one person at a time, so there is no reason to feel overwhelmed with the issues we face today.

    All one has to do is make a choice to be proactive, such as you have with this blog…it is as simple as that.

    Thank you for being a voice!

    • admin says:

      i agree that finding solutions isnt a easy task but by working together towards a common goal it can become easier. This is what tom thumb.info is all about. Yes it may have started with “my story” but it has grown from there into a platform for people(all people) to have a voice and somewhere there views and opinions can be heard . As one we can achieve little but together we can achieve greatness and most of all change.

      On this site we can help those that wish to come forward but dont want to be known, If people wish to remain anonamous we are more than happy to respect their wishes and keep their identities secret. Speaking out is a hard experiece and something that i doscovered when talking about my own story by speaking out though i aim to help those that have been in similar situations and others that are plagued by the issues raised on the site.

      Something does need to change, by making people aware and realising the problems others face daily then change can begin, problems can decrease and we can work together towards a common goal and better tomorrow.

      We always plan to be a voice for all and for all to have a voice to. thankyou for your comment. tom thumb

  2. Akil Todd Harvey says:

    What is happening to the world we live in?
    When I was a kid, the liberals were the OPTIMISTIC ones! Now, the liberals, it seems, are the pessimistic ones. The ones who cannot see that despite the difficulties we face, that there has been TREMENDOUS progress from the past (we used to burn whales for oil for lighting).
    Among the most significant things that has ever occurred is the vast improvement of communication technologies. People who in the past would have suffered an entire lifetime in silence are now able to bemoan their existence for the whole world to cry with them.
    The year I was born there were half a billion starving underfed babies in the world (and half a billion Africans living in poverty), but now there are a billion starving people in the world and there are a billion Africans living in poverty. If I am lucky and live long enough, I will live to see 2 billion starving people and 2 billion Africans living in poverty. I do not suggest that I do not have sympathy for the suffering in the world, but I do suggest that some people’s misery is in part due to the choices they made both collectively and individually.
    I work locally to help homeless people get back on their feet and many of them are happy to just get drunk. I can change myself, but I cannot change the world or other people or their minds. I can help others, but I cannot make their choices for them (or I refuse to do so – I refuse to pretend that I know what is best for them).
    I know that for most of my homeless friends that drinking alcohol is likely to lead to their downfall (I have known plenty who killed themselves slowly with the drink), but it is not myt place to judge them or to take away their alcohol (I may not give them money to buy it, but I will not be the one who tries to take it away from them).
    “Corruption, injustice, abuse, discrimination, racism, bullying and all the different forms that these seem to be on the rise.”
    Dont confuse more evidence of one or more of theese with having more of them. Are we better at measuring bullying or is there more bullying? Are we better at reporting on corruption or rooting it out or is there more corruption?
    Is America (or the UK) the place with the most racism? Or are we the places where racism gets discussed more than anywhere else in the world. I live in the most diverse place in the world and yet more guilt is landed on the backs of out citizens than anywhere else in the world for claism of raicsm and yet we are the most diverse country in the world, the first country in thwe world to significantly fight to end slavery (as much as it upset African rulers who got rich off of selling slaves).
    “It is impossible to go a day without opening the paper or watching the news and seeing or hearing about one of the things happening and those are just the cases that are reported.”
    Is it better reporting about the problem or is the problem worse? In the past it would have taken MONTHS for news of a civil war around the globe to reach us and even then, most communication technologies were only available to the richest of the rich (throughout most of human history most folks couldnt even read-but dont let me convicec you that we have made any advances from the past).
    Heck, in the past, if there were a civil war in Rwanda, mnot only would it have taken quite soem time to even find out about it, it would take a long time to try to stop the problem (it used to take weeks or months to send people around the world via boat, but dont let the facts get in the way of a good horror story).
    ” The majority of cases are never reported.”
    Is it NEW that most of the crap that occurs is not reported? Or has it always been the case that most of the bad stuff that occurs is not reported. You make it seem like it is somehow a NEW phenomena that the majority of cases are not reported whereas in fact, I would argue that more and more is being reported every day and that less and less is being ignored every day because of improved communication technologies.
    Or is it your theory that IMPROVED communications technologies leads to even worse communication?
    You might want to consider that empathy overload is a distinct possibility. While we few have much that is considered opulence, we have shared technolgoies and medical advances with the rest of the world in manner that no one has ever done before (it is not like the population of Britain is half a billion people and that of India is only 1000 million).
    Ifg the US population was 1.3 billion and that of China was only 3000 million people, I might think them to be the poor ones and us the scofflaws who are wasteful.
    If it werent for us, there would ony be a few million starving Africans, not a half billion.
    There would be only ten million starving people around the world.
    If some woman or some village in Bopal has way too many kids, I do feel bad for them, but they should know that I delberately did not have kids that I couldnt afford to have so that I wouldnt have to witness them suffering.
    If you had kids you couldnt afford to have, I would suggrest that there is some personal as well as collective resposibility at play here. You can blame me and my countrymen (and women) if you want ssince I will be blaming you and your people for your choices.
    Corruption in my country may be my fault, but corruption in your country is at least partly YOUR fault.
    I may feel bad about how our women are treated in this country, but I dont feel at all responsible for how you treat your women in your country.
    You may want me to go to war with that country cuz they dont treat their women well, but dont get mad at me if i tell you that we live in a country that treats its men like dirt (or mere atm machines or as monsters who cannot be trusted with their children or their wives or with women in general).

  3. Michelle Coxx says:

    Yes government is corrupt. It’s all about the money. Morals are shot. Families are broken, But there is still a remnant of good people who care. I know David Marsh is one of them. Thank you for your blogs David. http://www.schoolbusters.org Bully Victim Advocate.
    For me as a Christian this is called the last days in biblical terms. We can still make a difference if we don’t give up. Persevere – Press on… If we only reach one person in kindness and care then we have made a difference.

  4. MikeT says:

    What makes us so mean? If you are an adolescent with mental health issues in New York, you might end up at Riker’s Island.

    If your issues are severe and you are disruptive, you could be locked away in the punitive solitary confinement cage for 23 hours a day for hundreds of days at a time.

    It happens to hundreds of New York adolescents each year. From the NY Times article today, prolonged isolation can “induce hallucinations in people without a history of mental health issues”.

    This type of incarceration seems like a crime to me.

    Youth with almost no chance of leading a productive life are being tortured into a much worse state of being for what possible purpose?

    What is it about us that needs to torture the weakest and most vulnerable among us? Children born into horrid circumstances do not achieve the ability to cope (Dr Read Sulik’s definition of mental health) without help from somewhere outside the family.

    If our public institutions are aggravating the very conditions they were built to improve – why don’t we fix them?

    I’m beginning to think that the wrong people are incarcerated.

    As a business persona and long-time volunteer CASA guardian ad-Litem, I have watched hundreds of terrified and abused children grow up without the coping skills necessary to make it through school, find a job, lead a productive life to the detriment of my community.


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