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“ATTACK THE INNOCENT TO PROTECT THE GUILTY THROUGH THE JUDICIAL SYSTEM” Is this policy costing more lives and causing more abuse for victims of Domestic violence??What do you think???

Tom thumb wants to know what do you think? Have your say and share your views and opinions about the issues that shape the world that we live in .

Attack the innocent to protect the guilty is an issue that we have been looking at in great detail just lately as we want to know just how it affects those dealing with the issues raised on tomthumb.info such as domestic violence. We want to know that by protecting the guilty in the judicial system, what affect is it having on the victims? is it costing more lives and abuse and opening the way for other problems to evolve ?

Have your say and let us know what you think…..

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3 Responses to Discussion – Costing more lives and causing more abuse

  1. cindy says:

    For me it’s murdewr by proxy. He said he would kill me and he is doing it. He even left messages and tests saying he would have me arrested or committed ( I gues having Multiple Sclerosis is a crime). He took over, terrorized, beat me, destroyed my things, accused me, harassed me and stalked me then found a new victim when I would never let him move in and had her make allegations to which I am fighting as I’m dieing. The courts are his pawn. I’ve even had to walk from my home in zero degrees w/ MS after hours of abuse as he said he lived there. I very well may end up dead. how long can a person w/ multiple illnesses handle no sleep and massive stress. dealing with a liar, 80 charges against him, many convictions and I spent the last 20 years working with children and the disabled and I’m the criminal. Legal abuse-it’s real.

  2. Anna Kornas says:

    I have been subject to both.

    Firstly domestic abuse by my now former husband who in time, abused our daughter.

    I believe there are two types of abusers….:

    1: Controlled, controlling and unemotional

    2: Uncontrolled, in need of help due to substance abuse, and/or emotional issues

    Which one is worse could be up for debate, however I feel no.1 is by far the more dangerous and beyond help !!

  3. Joanie says:

    My daughter was the victim of not only her father but the system. She reported her dad raped her only to be herself taken into custody. She was then not allowed to see her siblings or friends for a year. There were hearings in which experts testified to her telling the truth that she had been raped by her father. Meanwhile, her younger sister remained in her father’s custody. All of this even though the father confessed to raping her when she was only 15….”I depressed cause I have sex with *****. You no proof I did it.”
    There were no charges files against him. He still has custody of her younger sister who is now 16.

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