Discussion – Are Teachers involved with Bullycide??


Are teachers to blame for children who commit suicide from the affects of bullying??? Do they bully children to the extent where bullycide seems like the only answer??? If so what can be done to change this???

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“The term bullycide is a portmanteau word first used in 2001 by Neil Marr and Tim Field in their book Bullycide: Death at Playtime. It refers to suicide attributable to the victim having been bullied, either in person or via social media. Bullycide has also been defined as the killing of the bully by the victim. The term has come to prominence during the highly publicised teenage suicides in the USA in the latter part of 2010, but had been used less widely before”
(Definition taken from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bullying/ )

As we mentioned in our previous post “wish you weren’t here “(http://tomthumb.info/tt/?p=1733) life has changed so much and problems we once faced have grown and diversified taking on many diffent forms.  They persist and as the world advances so do the problems that we face.Bullycide may have been around for decades but now it is an evergrowing issues affecting many around the globe.The numbers are rising fast, in the US and in the UK at least 25 childrem commit suicide due to the affects of bullying  and over 100 attempt bullycide each year, the figures growing year on year.

We found the following story @ http://topicalteaching.com/2012/07/07/child-commits-suicide-due-to-alleged-systematic-bullying-and-inept-teachers/

Child Commits Suicide Due to Alleged Systematic Bullying and Inept Teachers

I’m sorry but ‘soul searching’ isn’t going to be sufficient in this case:

The suicide of a 13-year-old boy in southern Japan after classmates systematically bullied him — even making him “practice” suicide — while teachers ignored the abuse or laughed has prompted soul-searching among educators across the country.

One of the boy’s last acts was to text his tormentors and leave voice mails for them to say, “I’m going to die.” They texted him back to say, “You should die.”

The middle school student, whose name has not been released, jumped from his 14th floor apartment in the city of Otsu last October after enduring heartrending tales of abuse at the hands of his classmates.

His father filed several reports with the police, but officers never accepted them, saying that they could not prove that bullying led to his suicide, according to Japanese media reports.

Details of the harassment are coming to light eight months later, following a student survey conducted by the city’s board of education. In that anonymous survey, students write the bullying escalated to “punching and kicking” in September last year, about a month before the teen jumped to his death. The victim was pressured into shoplifting, had his legs and arms tied while bullies duck-taped his mouth. Students watched as their peers pressured the teen into eating dead bees, “pantsed” him, and made him “practice” committing suicide.

In the survey, some classmates report alerting teachers to those “practices,” but say nothing was done.

Instead, teachers reportedly laughed as bullies tried to choke the victim.

Any teacher found to be laughing needs to be sacked immediately. Those who texted back to the boy on the night of his suicide should be expelled.

There is a place for “soul-searching”. This however, is a time for action.

To read more on this story visit http://topicalteaching.com/2012/07/07/child-commits-suicide-due-to-alleged-systematic-bullying-and-inept-teachers/

What we want to know is are teachers involved with children that commit bullycide? Are they to blame for those that do commit suicide due to the affects of bullying? Do they bully children to the extent where Bullycide is the only answer? By been inept and under trained are they accountable for what happens? Are those that stand back and do nothing just as much to blame ?

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4 Responses to Discussion – Are Teachers involved with Bullycide??

  1. Matthew Sernoskie says:

    Well I Think You Are Right About The Teachers. Because Some Teachers Don’t Know What To Do When A Kid Or Teen Is Being Bullied And Some Just Don’t Care. They Just Want To Make A Living

    • Kabrisun89 says:

      This may be true of some teachers, but I am student teaching in the largest school corporation in Indiana, and I do not know one teacher who is only there to “make a living.” Teachers do not choose this profession to make money. Compared to other professional careers, teachers get paid very little, but are expected to do much more. Teachers become teachers because they care about the success and well-being of future generations. Obviously, your teachers did not spend enough time with you showing how much they cared or teaching you proper English grammar.

  2. Carlos says:

    sometimes its the teacher that is the bully

  3. Jolanda says:

    Carol is right. Too many educators in positions of power are bullies hence why they ignore bullying as any change in the laws or process in relation to how to deal with bullies and/or complaints about victimisation or bullying might mean that they will be held to account so they follow the process set up by our Government so as to protect the bullies in Government that involves cover ups and blaming the victims/targets.

    Education – Keeping them Honest

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