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It is always hitting the headlines, both in the papers and in the news that the police forces are over worked and over stretched. The following story shows just how resources are been wasted but worst of all the treatment innocent people are receiving at the hands of the law

Read below the ordeal that they encountered from the police on a late night drive.

I have always been skeptical of stories about Police bullying tactics until it happened to me over this weekend. When my fiance arrived at my Manchester home after driving from work in London on Saturday night, he was clearly exhausted and tired so, after checking I hadn’t been drinking, asked if I would drive for him, while we set off in search of a Chinese take-away that was still open in the small hours of Sunday morning. We were both very tired but thoroughly pleased to see each other after being apart for 6 weeks, so we had both dressed up for one another and keen to find somewhere and return home so we could enjoy each other. I had been driving for about 15 mins when I saw blue lights in my rear-view mirror and heard sirens, just as I was approaching a roundabout so immediately pulled over. A female officer asked me to step out of the car, saying they had received a tip-off and had reason to believe I was driving under the influence, warned me that I was going to be tested for alcohol and read me my rights. While she radioed for other officers with breathalyser test, to attend the scene, I could even hear police helicopter flying overhead. Registered disabled with a chronic condition of Raynauds Disease, by the time approximately 5 or 6 other officers appeared on scene with breathalyser test, my fiance knowing about my condition and could see I was becoming distressed, walked over to put his coat around me. The situation became even more shocking when my breathalyser showed up as ‘zero’, because the officers just seemed to insist that because we were ‘tired’, we were carrying/had taken drugs and were searching all over Sam’s car and in my handbag, which I had left in the car. I overheard the female officer say to one of the other officers, “What is he like?” to which he replied, “He’s as spaced-out as she is”. At which point, I interrupted and explained that, “Sam may appear spaced-out because he is simply exhausted and I may seem spaced-out because I have just woken up after falling asleep after replacing my transdermal Morphine patch a few hours earlier, because I am registered disabled”. It just seemed such a waste of our time and Police resources to find we had done nothing wrong but, they just seemed adamant they wanted to find something. Why were there approx 6 officers with 3 cars and a helicopter hovering overhead when the Police could not say which offense was committed and why was there so much nasty/negative attitude from the officers?
(from B Spencer)

What do you think about the treatment they received at the hands of the law? Have your say and let us know what you think…..

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