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Are social networks creating more problems then they are solving???

We want to know what you think. Share your views and opinions and let us know what you have to say.

A social networking service is an online service, platform, or site that focuses on facilitating the building of social networks or social relations among people who, for example, share interests, activities, backgrounds, or real-life connections. (definition taken from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Social_networking_service )

Much to the disbelief of many younger generations , social networking didn’t start with Facebook and nor will it end there either.As the world develops so does technology and the ways we communicate with others is forever changing. A little over a decade ago even mobile phones weren’t as common as the were nowadays and you had to go around and call for your friends to see whether they were coming out unless your parents allowed you to use the land-line.

Like the origins of the internet , social networking has been developing over the past few decades and what started out as something small and simple has now developed into one of the biggest uses of the internet to date. In the early naughties social networking hit big and since then we have seen such site as Myspace, Friendster, Friends reunited, Bebo, LinkedIn and possibly the 2 biggest at the moment Facebook and Twitter. Facebook alone has over 750 million active users.

We use social networking for everything from keeping in touch with friends near and far to sharing photos, videos, finding others with common interests, arranging events, celebrity gossip and games. the possibilities of what we can do with it are endless.

But is it all good???

There may be many benefits to social networking but issues are also plentiful.
– phishing scams are on the rise targeting users for monetary gain
– hacking
– social networking is an easy source for personal information due to privacy settings been incorrectly set and on some sites/pages not set at all. This allows others to acquire personal details leading to possibility of fraudulent activity and spamming.

What is more scary, are issues such as
– cyber bullying
– hate groups
– cliques
– discrimination (including racism) against both individuals and groups.
– the depiction of violence and sexual content
– that whoever you may be talking to might not actually be who they say they are. Anyone can hide behind a screen and pretend to be someone else such as sexual predators, those who wish to engage in illegal activities and ruin the lives of innocent people.
– stalking

We want to know what you think. Are social networks creating more problems then they are solving? Have you been affected by issues mentioned? What do you think can be done to make social networking safer? Are we dis-engaging from real life for a virtual one?

Have your say and let us know what you think…..

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3 Responses to Discussion – Social Networking

  1. Akil Todd Harvey says:

    Name for me one technology in the history of civilization that brought solely good and no bad. Just name one. There is none. All technologies can be used for good or for bad, all depends on how you use it. In fact, I may be using social networks in a manner that I percieve to be good (making money) and others may percieve what I do as bad, cuz I might be a spammer (I am not really a spammer, but point of view or eye of the beholder is of import).
    Myspace was the first BIGGEST social networking site that took off in a big way. Being first, it was both great and terrible. Terrible things were happening there (and some illegal, immoral or unethical activities took place along with the good) and very many of us were unaware of this new place and new axctivity while others were terrified (and others were told to be fearful).
    Any time you get 1 million or 100 million people to do something, there will be both good and bad (and anyone who suggests otherwise is either naive, misguided or trying to control your life, or a combination of the above).
    “Are social networks creating more problems then they are solving?”
    “What problems are social networks solving?” I know my wife uses facebook a lot to keep in touch with long lost friends, but sometimes she gets lost in facebook (and a large chunk of her time gets swallowed up).
    Social networking has the potential for addiction (like so many other activities – mind altering drugs, sex, athletics, overeating, undereating, etc, etc, etc) that has not been discussed much.
    IMO, social networking has a place, but some like to pretend that it is life itself, whereas it is more of an image in a mirror of life itself, not your actual life. If wsocial networking is part of your life, not your entire life, then you have found balance in your life, but if you cannot live your life for an hour or so without going to soem social networking site to obsess, you might need soem fresh air and a hobby or a athletic activity to get involved with.
    A social network can be useful to help one acquire acquaintences so one can have accompanyment for certain activities (bird watching, cycling, running, thespian, etc), but makes a poor substitute for actually going out there and meeting people.
    From time to time I meet people who say they are bored. In most cases, they are not bored so much as they are boring. They never learned how to entertain themselves. I feel bad for the younger generation cuz their parents in trying to fill every void in theri young kids lives, had faield to teach their kids the most important skill of all, hwo to entertain yourself rather than having someone else entertain you.
    I also often meet folks who are depressed. I have one sure fire cure for depression:
    1) go talk to a stranger
    2) Start up a conversation with someone you do NOT know
    3) go do something WITH someone rather than just telling em about it
    Is there danger in going out and meeting strangers? YUP. Can you fall down in your bathtub and kill yourself? YUP.
    Warning: it is best to meet your strangers in places like swap meets and flea markets, coffee houses and supermarkets (where it is safe to observe their actions and attitudes).

    • admin says:

      We would just like to say thank you for all the input you have had just lately on our posts. You make some very interesting points regarding each of the discussions that we have run and look forward hopefully to your continued input.

  2. Akil Todd Harvey says:

    Think of a mirror as a technology. Recognize that we have not always had mirrors. Also recognize that throughout much of history, not everyone could afford mirrors.
    Mirrors seem rather innocuous. They are not dangerous, right? If used properly, a mirror is not a dangerous thing, is it?
    Actually, mirrors are dangerous objects. Those who spend the most time staring into a mirror are among the nastiest and most judgemental people on the planet (eager to judge everyone by their appearances, not based upon their actions or how they treat people).
    People who spend a lot of time staring in the mirror often have an inflated sense of self.
    These folks often become bullies, constantly belittling foks who are less attractive into purchasing clothes they cannot afford or getting surgery to fix non-existent problems (or to wear make up that hurts the pores and can cause medical issues).
    Those who spend the most time in front of a mirror are often the least happy people. Similarly, those who spend the most time on facebook have been found to be depressed much of the time.
    In many ways, facebook is like looking in the mirror. The more you look in the mirror, the more you find other people wanting (and the more depressed you get).
    instead of sepding your day looking at your reflection in the mirror, try going out and meetign REAL friends IN PERSON or heck, go out and make some new friends.
    making new friends involves risk and reward. no risk, no reward.
    if you are speding to much time on facebook (or other social networking sites) and are getting depressed, try meeting a real person face to face (whther you know them or not and spend some time gettign to know who they are, how they feel at they moment, and other interesting tidbits of info they may not be willing to share with the entire world

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