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Should those accountable for the failings contributing to the Hillsborough disaster and those covering and concealing evidence be charged with manslaughter??? What do you think???

April 15th 1989 saw one of the worst football disasters the world has ever seen and the deadliest stadium related disaster in British History. A human crush occurred during the semi-final FA Cup tie between Liverpool and Nottingham Forest football clubs at the Hillsborough Stadium in the City of Sheffield, England.

On that day 94 innocent people lost their lives and two other victims died later in hospital taking the toll to 96 . As well the men, women and children who lost their lives that day, 766 other people were injured and countless lives were changed forever.

An influx of fans through the open gates and turn styles led to overcrowding in the stands with many trying to find escape by climbing over the side fences  and steel fencing between the spectators and the pitch.

Shortly after kick off the crush barriers separating fans gave way resulting in people falling on top of each other causing a human crush. It took 6 minutes before the game was stopped, although officially the game wasn’t abandoned until the half time whistle

(Read more on this @ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hillsborough_disaster)

The following year and inquiry took place and found that the main reason for the disaster occurring was the failure of police control at the scene, but also Liverpool fans were blamed for been responsible for the deaths of the 96 people who lost their lives on that day in April 89. Families of the victims also set up a campaign fighting for justice for the 96and a proper investigation into the disaster.

The families who conceived and fought ought a 23-year campaign to uncover the truth are finally starting to see justice been served for what happened on April 15th 1989 at the Hillsborough Stadium. In 2009 on the 20th anniversary a new inquiry into the disaster was opened and a panel was created to look at the events that unfolded.Over the past week the panel has released its findings to the public and the report outlined some shocking evidence.

– No Liverpool fans were responsible for the deaths of the the 96 victims.

-Authorities and officials had attempted to conceal what had really happened at Hillsborough. This also included 164 statements of people involved been amended by the police.116 of the statements had been edited to paint the police force in a better light.

– There was a possibility that the death toll might not have been as high and that 41 of the 98 victims may not have lost their lives that day if failings had been addressed at the time of the incident and prior to it happening.

-Multiple failure by public bodies and the emergency services which were accountable for contributing to the death toll.

-Verdicts of accidental death to be re-evaluated and possibly over turned depending on findings.

(Read more on this @ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hillsborough_disaster)

Many questions at the moment are still unanswered such as…

Why has it taken so long for justice to be served?
Why did the police conceal and alter statements?
What was the reason for the campaign to deflect the blame onto the fans?
Why isn’t a separate inquiry been set up to look at the corruption of the police force at the time of this disaster?
Why were rules and regulations breached by public and law officials ?
Why weren’t the emergency services better equipped with medical supplies and the correct equipment for the situation?

We hope that these questions will be looked at in more detail and answered will come to light. What do you think about the tragic events that unfolded at Hillsborough? What more do you think could’ve been done? And should those accountable for the failings contributing to the Hillsborough disaster and those covering and concealing evidence be charged with manslaughter?

Have your say and let us know what you think…..

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