Social Networking – Abuse is just a click away…..


By using social networking are we allowing ourselves to be open to a world of abuse? What do you think?

In our previous posts and we looked at the origins of the internet, the misuse due to illegal activity and content  and whether social networking created more problems then solved. Please feel free to check out the discussions and have your say at the above links.

This site may have began with my story but since that day it has become more than just about my story is a platform for everyone. An open forum where people can share their own experiences and stories about the things that have affected them, a place where all who wish to speak have a voice and will be listened to and so that a light can be shone on those committing wrong doings and justice can be served in every way, shape and form. By sharing our experiences and standing together, we can be a united voice against those that commit wrong doings. In the hope that we can rid our lives from the issues that plague us such as injustice, corruption, bullying, abuse, racism and discrimination.

As we know the internet was originally created to share information. Nowadays the possibilities are endless with movie and music streaming, shopping,gaming, file sharing sharing and video conferencing/social networking with people on the other side of the world. Anything is possible. Everything is just a click away…….. including abuse!

I use social networking most days to keep in contact with friends near and far but also to share information i have posted on I want to get as many people involved as i can. I want to know what they think about the things that are happening  in their everyday lives.

Recently several of my friends and myself  have become the victims of online bullying and abuse from a few individuals who have tried to do anything they can to discredit us. They appear to be obsessed  with attacking our cause (in this case the fight against bullying and abuse). They are intent on trying to divide people because they afraid of them joining forces and making change

As well as the comments that have come through online, one friend has also received abuse over the phone from one of the individuals. During the phone call, the abuser tried their hardest to divide us by using slanderous comments and malicious lies about each of us. And when they found this method not to be working they began to question the mental health of my friend, discrediting them and trying to paint a picture of instability.

The social network (the worlds largest professional network) on which this abuse has taken place has taken action by warning the individuals over their actions and the online comments made to both myself and my friends.

The individuals involved have not taken heed of the warning that they received and are currently pursuing their hate campaign offline via email and telephone calls. I will keep you updated on and the events that follow.

Like i have  said previously and throughout all my posts on the internet, all each of us are trying to do is make change to the world that we live, By creating awareness about the issues that plague us everyday, such as bullying, corruption, injustice, abuse and all the forms that it takes just to name a few. Our hopes and aims are that by speaking out we can unite with others that share a common dream and hopefully rid our lives of these issues so that no one has to worry or put up with the affects of them.

I know they will fail in their campaign to try and divide and conquer as it is only fear that drives them, This doesn’t deter us from what we what to achieve but make us more determined to succeed and prove the abuser wrong and show them change will happen!

So, By using social networking are we allowing ourselves to be open to a world of abuse?

Have your say and let us know what you think….

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One Response to Social Networking – Abuse is just a click away…..

  1. The Subtle Thinker says:

    If you never leave the home, you wont have nearly as many bad things happen to you (of course, you could die in the shower without ever leaving the home.
    Every technology can be used for good or bad (including social media).
    A cure for problems with social media is going out and meeting people the old fashioned way (face to face)….ths is the hardest way to interact with people, but it builds the most confidence.
    if the only social interactions (or a majority of them) are on the internet, you are missing out on a lot (studies have shown that folks wo spend less time on facebook are less depressed).
    The cure for depression is to do something active, not passive like interacting in social media environments (go meet a stranger -in a safe place), do something you have never done before, go to a place you have never been before, experiment with serendipity.
    Dont forget: life is for living, not for sharing with folks you barely know (go put some grass betwen your toes, go breathe some fresh mountain air – dressed warmly, hopefully).
    Go get your blood pumping (it does wonders for your mood and your health).
    the antidote for mousepotatoitis is not more time with the mouse (step away from the computer, strech your legs, arms, back and neck, go for a walk, take a run, ride a bike, swim a while, take up a new sport or explore an old one).
    REMEMBER, you are mammal, not a statue (mammals must roam for their mental and physical health-dont neglect it while you stil have it).
    The best way to handle bullies is to not let them get you down (if you only know four losers in town, then meet four new losers and now you will then know eight).
    PS, most folks have both been bullies and been bullied themselves (we are nboth part of the problem AND part of the solution).

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