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Should the directors of Facebook face criminal charges as they refuse to remove child porn from their network? What do you think?


Our past few posts have looked  at child abuse, the different forms that it take and the misuses of the internet due to illegal activity and content posting. In the discussion Why is so easily available (which can be found @ we asked the question  â€œ Why isn’t child porn and other indecent images depicting child abuse removed form the internet?” and also “Why were such things like this so easily available when the internet is supposed to be policed?”  You still have time to head on over and share your thoughts and opinions with. Head over to and have your say…

It raised a big discussion and we received a lot of views and opinions from our readers from both  the site and across social networking sites. We would like to thank you for letting us know what you think about the things that matter and shape our everyday lives.

In this new discussion we would like to know what you think about whether companies such as Facebook should face criminal charges as they refuse to remove child porn from their network. They do use algorithms to check what is being posted but their slow response to illegal content allows indecent images to be posted and viewed by others. We have seen over the past couple of months as eruption of pages showing pornographic images and other indecent images which is supposedly against Facebook guidelines. Some may only be around a short while but others that we have come across have lasted a lot longer such as the “embarrassing party photos” and “naked self pics.”  Even though some of these have only been around a short while like counts have rocketed, one that we came across earlier had only been online less than 24 hours but had already hit 64000 likes. This just shows haw pages are going viral and flooding the internet.

Something has got to give and changes have to come to not only make a safer internet but also a safer society and one in which children across the world are protected.

For this discussion we have looked at Facebook but this issue of child abuse is rife across all social networking sites and the internet alike. A more proactive way of dealing with this issue needs to start now. Social network sites and website owners need to take responsibility for what is been posted on their web space and need to police content more efficiently or be held accountable for what is allowed to go on on their domains.

So what do you think? Should the directors of Facebook face criminal charges as they refuse to remove child porn from their network?

Have your say and let us know what you think….

We have also recently posted a petition in the hope top get people to show their support to help free the internet of child porn and other indecent images of children. If you haven’t already checked it out please head over to and show your support. stand up and say No to child abuse and all the forms that it takes!!


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2 Responses to Child Abuse Discussion – Facebook face criminal charges ..

  1. Michelle Coxx says:

    I cannot believe they won’t take child porn off!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please show me where it is so I can raise H-ll…. asap…. Society has the assumption that there are watchdogs for everything. There are not. There are just allot of people who think someone else will take care of it. We have to all stand together against wickedness to protect the little ones.

  2. admin says:

    Everytime we come across illegal content on facebook we ask for its removal but they seem to take a slow response in actually taking action. A united stand needs to be taken by all to do the job that website owners are supposed to be doing. Illegal content and that depicting child abuse of any form has no place in society like i said in the post, one pages set up “called naked self pics” hit tens of thousands of likes before it was removed. it was shocking to see some of the images that were allowed to be placed on the internet. Sites like facebook s”upposidly” have strict guidlines which they are more than willing to persucte others for breaking but are not willing to take responsibilty for what they let happen. Your right Michelle, we need to stand up and speak put and show that things such as this wont be tlerated and like i said in my post change needs to happen and now.
    I will email you a link to a new one that has just been set up called “sl*t alert”( i have missed a letter out as i think it is very wrong to post the word on here) . I think the page show just how bad the internet is becoming when they are allowing content such as this to be posted. I have reported it several times already tonight and hope you will as well. Facebook needs to clean up their site and put a stop to this happening

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