Tell us your story….

bullying/child abuse/domestic violence

We want to hear your stories. views and opinions about bullying, child abuse and domestic violence

At we always like hearing from our visitor both regular and new. We are a site that is dedicated to raising discussion about bullying,child abuse, domestic violence as well as other serious matters that affect the way we live and shape world that we live in.

We want you to get involved and share your stories with us. We want to hear your views and opinions on the discussions that we run and hear what you have to say on the things that affect our everyday lives.

My story can be found @ or via the “my story” tab at the top of the page.  Now we want to hear yours. So if you have something to say about bullying, domestic violence or child abuse drop us a line and share what you have to say
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2 Responses to Tell us your story….

  1. Tapas Chatterjee says:

    These are common things in countries like India …..until and unless there is a Proper & Strict Administration …..things will not change ….. and WE ….the So Called Elite Class ….. are Actually Responsible for It !!
    The Poor or Semi-literate may not be able to Voice Out ……. What WE are Doing?
    …. We just Think that We are Too Busy or We should not Interfare !!!!

  2. Lorna Stremcha says:

    Some not all.

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