Bullying Discusion – Is the 2nd Amendment causing an increase in Bullying and Violent Attacks


Talking bullying in the hope to make change

Is the Second Amendment causing an increase in Bullying and violence in our schools?

Does the Second amendment give the Bullies more means to commit acts of Bullying and Violence?

For those that don’t know the Second Amendment is -A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.

It seems like history is repeating itself. Once again we have bared witness to another horrific and devastating school shooting.

On Friday 14th December, less than two weeks before Christmas Sandy Hook Elementary School Connecticut became hell as gunman Adam Lanza went on a rampage taking the innocent lives of 20 children and 6 adults before reportedly turning the gun on himself.

With the death toll at 26, the shooting is the second-deadliest school shooting in U.S history ever, only behind the 2007 shooting at Virginia Tech that left 32 people dead.

The criminal was described by fellow students as quiet and held no criminal record. Three guns were found at the school which were all legally purchased by the mother Nancy Lanza. A semi-automatic .223 Bushmaster, a Glock and a Sig Sauer.

Nancy was also found dead but at a second location, Originally thought to be a teacher at Sandy Hook but this was later discredited by a Kindergarten teacher who works at the school. Nancy became adult victim Number 7 as police later found out she was her own son’s first victim.

All the children whose innocence and lives were stolen from them that day were aged between 5 and 10 years old. The news of this horrific act of violence shook world leaders, reducing father of two President Obama to tears as he broke the news and touched the hearts of so many with people uniting in vigils and expressing overwhelming sentiment. Nearly 10 days later Americans and the world alike are still trying to comprehend the tragedy that took place.

It is still uncertain how the gunman gained access to the school due to the fact the new security measure were installed . These meant that every visitor is required to ring a doorbell at the front entrance after the doors locked at 9:30 a.m. and report to the main office to sign in. Somehow Adam Lanza managed to bypass these security measures, a question so many want to know how this was achieved.

The shooting at Sandy hooks bears resemblance to the Columbine High School, Colorado which took place in 1999, where two students shot 13 people to death before killing themselves.

Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris were both intelligent, came from solid homes with two parents. In elementary school, Klebold and Harris had both played in sports such as baseball and soccer. After meeting in 93 the boys became friends, sharing a lot in common such as work at the same pizza parlor, playing video games such as dome and worried about teenage problems like finding a date to prom. To all they seemed like normal teenagers.

As time moved on problems began to surface with Kiebold contemplating suicide in 97 and just a year later they both had begun to think about commiting a large scale massacre, Nearly a whole year before the shooting at Columbine took place.

They were both arrested in 98 for breaking into a vehicle but due to been first time offenders were allowed to enroll onto a program which allowed upon completion the criminal event to be removed from their records.

In the months leading up to the massacre the two seemed to be back on the rails but all the while were making plans to destroy the lives of so many.

The teenagers were not only angry at other students that made fun of them but also those of different religious and ethnic background. It was later reported that they hated everyone apart from a small handful pf people.

Also in 98 they wrote messages of hate and about killing in each others yearbooks. including an image of a man standing with a gun, surrounded by dead bodies, with the caption, “The only reason your still alive is because someone has decided to let you live.

Using the internet they were able to find instructions for pipe bombs and also purchase their arsenal which included guns, knives and explosives.

The boys’ plan was to kill hundreds of their peers. With guns, knives, and a multitude of bombs, the two boys walked the hallways and killed. When the day was done, twelve students, one teacher, and the two murderers were dead; plus 21 more were injured.

Looking back, there were tell tale hints and clues that something was seriously wrong. Videotapes, journals, guns and bombs later found in their rooms. these two boys weren’t your average teenagers after all. If the parents had checked more on their children this evidence might have come to light before the massacre could’ve taken place.

(More information about the Columbine massacre can e found @ http://history1900s.about.com/od/famouscrimesscandals/a/columbine.htm )

Both the Sandy Hook and Columbine shootings took place with weapons that were legally purchased through the internet which the Second amendment allows citizens of the U.S. to do.

The National Rifle association spoke out earlier this week in response to the Sandy Hook shootings saying that armed guards should be placed in every school. They also believe the Second Amendment should be protected to allow the ownership of firearms, hunting ans self-defense as well as other reasons withing the United States. They plan to fight any changes on gun restrictions introduced into Congress and were not interested in helping develop a broad response to the Connecticut school massacre.

Also currently in America female activist groups continue to campaign against concealed weapons allowed to be carried in some states and also that firearms can be legally purchased. Gun lobbying groups decline to listen to their views.

Like all technology, advancement is an forever happening with arms companies using more and more tech in their weapons, making more powerful, more destructive, less likely to jam and kick back and more accurate.In most gun related accidents and murders involving guns, the survival rate is more or less zero, so in reality this rules out the fact that more guns will save more lives.

Even with more armed guards at the school it would’ve still been impossible to stop the massacre unfolding as with automatic guns the clip becomes empty in a matter seconds allowing a torrent of hell to be unleashed. By the time police had responded numerous people could’ve already been killed. So more guns could mean more innocent lives caught in the crossfire.

Are the NRA back door gun dealers? Do they condone the actions of those that commit actions of violence with weapons?

Does the Second amendment need to be changed or adapted ?

Is the Second Amendment causing an increase in Bullying and violence in our schools by giving the Bullies more means to commit acts of Bullying and Violence?

Has the ease of internet by of guns,resulted in the proliferation of arms across all states? Is this situation costing more lives through gun crime?

Will more guns in our schools make it a safer environment for children?

Share your views and opinions and let us know what you think…

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