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Tom Thumb and his journey through the prison system.

Tom Thumb and his journey through the prison system, prison officer brutality and bullying “I apologize in advance if when reading my story through the prison system seems disjoineted.It is the first time I have written about my experiences in … Continue reading


Help Terrell Curry get Justice By Shai Dune “Terrell Curry’s story seems like something you would see in a movie, but his story, his struggle for justice can’t get any more real than this” To: Governor Jerry Brown in California Terrell … Continue reading

Discussion – Do victims only face more injustice…

Do victims of “BULLYING / DOMESTIC VIOLENCE / CHILD ABUSE” only face more injustice through the political policy of attack the innocent to protect the guilty? What do you think? Have your say and let us know your views, opinions … Continue reading Newsletter

Bullying Blog | Child abuse | Domestic violence>/h1> Newsletter Launch! We want to get the word of tomthumb and what it stands for out into the world so we have decided to launch a monthly news letter. We want to … Continue reading

Bullying Discussion – Putting the BULL ASIDE in BULLYCIDE!

Talking Bullying – In the hope to make change!! We must learn to put the “BULL- ASIDE” in “BULLYCIDE” especially the cover ups from schools! What do you think? Have your say on this bullying issue and let us know … Continue reading