Help Terrell Curry get Justice

By Shai Dune

Terrell Curry

“Terrell Curry’s story seems like something you would see in a movie, but his story, his struggle for justice can’t get any more real than this”

To: Governor Jerry Brown in California

Terrell Curry’s story seems like something you would see in a movie, but his story, his struggle for justice can’t get any more real than this. This all began on October 24, 1998, some 14 years ago, where he got caught in the grips of the vicious unjust system determined to convict him for a crime he did not commit. Literally everyone involved in the process quietly conspired to shuffle him through and ensure that he was the one who answered for the manufactured crime without notice. Because of Terrell’s disability, the prosecutor had doubts about him being able to commit the crime the police officers alleged. The prosecutor secretly video recorded his movements in jail to see if he really was disabled. After several days of recording Terrell, it revealed his disability was real. The attorney his family hired even worked with the courts and prosecutor to further hinder and sabotage his defense. The attorney was fired and all the evidence was suppose to go straight to Terrell, instead, all the evidence and files were sent to the prosecutor and court for two months before Terrell got his hands on the evidence. Between the two months it took for him to get it, an important tape to prove his innocence was altered to further suppress the truth. They couldn’t allow for him to have that piece of evidence. In countless ways he was stymied by the system in an endless struggle for the truth. He has never given up and WE will continue to fight with him.

14 Years Falsely Incarcerated.

His right arm this picture was taken 14 years ago that is a capture of Terrell’s right arm, by looking at this picture you notice that his left arm is bigger than his right arm, the reason is, after a tragic accident in a football game, Terrell’s arm was injured so bad that the sad diagnoses was his right arm would be paralyzed forever, he can’t lift, nor can he move his right arm. At the trial even the Prosecutor told him that he knew he couldn’t have done what he is accused of. But he is going to charge him regardless. I want to add that, no person was killed or injured, yet he is serving 2 life sentence plus 45 years for something he did not do, for something he couldn’t have done because of his disabilities.

His Left Arm, the healthy one. please take a look at both pics



Below is a letter Shai Dune received from Terrell Curry. In his words:

What is equally unjust to the wrongful conviction is the amount of time I’ve been sentenced to serve, (2 Life terms, plus 45 years consecutively), which is excessive in light of the fact that I did not do it and no one was injured in any way in my case.
Many prisoners that have been convicted of murder have the opportunity to appear before the parole board with a sentence of 15-25 to Life terms. The parole board reviews these cases after a reasonable amount of time and determines if the person is ready for parole. Certain qualifications must be meet before this is done.
I have accomplished many of the same achievements as those prisoners who were parole. Yet, because of the sentencing scheme at the time I was convicted, I have no chance of going before a parole board to show my readiness for parole.
This is a black eye in the so called justice system. You would think a person who never hurt anyone would have more of a chance at parole than someone who was convicted of actually murder. I’m not against anyone who demonstrates maturity and who is “rehabilitated,” and released. Because everyone is redeemable. My issue is in the disparity in the laws that are suppose to be equal and just. This has not transpired in my case. Despite all the naysayers, people can change.

Below is the letter that Terrell wrote about his injustice and what has happened to him.

Terrel Curry – part 1

Terrell Curry – part 2

Terrel Curry -part 3

The prosecutor knew Terrell couldn’t have done the crime, so a 15 year deal was offered, which was refused because he wanted to stand for his innocence. Some people may say it wasn’t bright not to take the deal, but what’s done has happened & we are still seeking his freedom. He was innocent then & is still innocent today.

Help Terrell Curry get Justice

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  1. shai dune says:

    thank you so much for all your awesome support .. LOVE YOU

  2. Laura Brentwood says:

    Please help!

  3. Tammy Marie says:

    I can feel the pain you are enduring knowing that Terrell is innocent and having him ripped from your life over a decade ago. I have been in your position (for no where near the amount of time you have been fighting for someone to hear you) I would have never believed the system was so unjust, and so determined to put a person behind bars that the officers are literally breaking so many laws to catch a case or a conviction, or in my case collect Revenge on someone the officer has a personal grudge against. This personal grudge against my Boyfriend of over ten years had this man to not only Break the Law, but to use his Badge and his connections through out the State Police Enforcement agency to Produce false Documentation to issue a warrant for my boyfriend, which was executed in my home. This was not the first time this officer and his buddies have forcefully entered my home without a warrant. The last time I woke up to find 4 nu-uniformed men standing in my bedroom about to shoot my 3 dogs and when I threw my body over the dogs I heard later on how very close I actually came to loosing my life as his finger was already pulling back the trigger.
    So after this illegal home invasion, my boyfriend was arrested. I had no idea what I was in for. I originally thought worse case sinarrio he would sit in jail for a few weeks and I would go to his court date and tell the Judge the what these officers had done. But sadly or the next 15 months every single court date the prosecutor continued and continued… All while I was racking up over ten thousand dollars in debt to have our Lawyer present at each and every single court date for 2 years before this insanely unjust case went to to trial. Weeks went by, and turned into months. I was no advised by my lawyer not to attend court until it was my turn to testify. Out of the 20 something officers who broke the law by entering my home that day. Only a few testified in court. However they all had written documentation about that days events at my home, and our lawyer called them out one by one. Not a one of their stories matched up. Then in the middle of trial the prosecutor suddenly has a signed document stating that ‘I’ had come to the front door that day, invited all of those men into my home and signed that piece of paper giving my permission. I was utterly shocked to hear of this, and then to hear my lawyer tell me that he cannot beat this case because of that peice of paper that had my signature. I told him for weeks that turned into months that I had never signed anything. I woke up and the officers had entered through 3 doorways entrances to get inside my bedroom. I took pictures of every entrance way they had past through each one without a warrant to be in my home. Finn ally I had taken the almost 2 hour drive to the lawyers office one day and it took me less then a second to look at that document and once again tell the lawyer that was Not my signature.

    It took over 2 years of having my boyfriend locked up in County Jail, fighting a case that was completely based around Police officers statement that were ALL LIES!
    I was called up as the last person to testify. I had never testified in court before. I was afraid because I knew that there were many officers who took the stand before me and swore to tell the truth, but then went on to tell many different stories (I guess even the judge was confused) That is until I was called up. After 2 years of being locked up and fighting this case. The day I took the stand was the first time the judge had heard anything about the officers entering my home without an invitation, without a warrant. And when I told her they all had their guns drawn on my dogs and then on me, the court room went silent, and when I looked at the Judge she turned to look at the Prosecutor as if to say ‘Are you fucking kidding me’….. The prosecutor then had her turn at me, but I had nothing to hide. She attempted to tell the judge my testimony is a made up story (I was so mad, like are you kidding me, everything that has come out of your mouth for the past 2 years have been nothing but Lies) Now I am hear to tell the Judge the truth no matter what the cost.
    But the prosecutor was good at what she does, I had to sit through her making me out to be an upset girlfriend trying to free her boyfriend by telling lies about the officers. Then she held up that piece of paper and said “You signed this and turned your boyfriend in” and FINALLY I was able to tell the judge the truth with 3 words “NOT MY SIGNATURE” again the court went silent, and my lawyer had brought to the judge a court approved Writing annolasis that proved the signature was not mine.
    Before the judge went on to announce that the case against my boyfriend was being dropped she took some time to address the prosecutor with how disturbed she was with the spectral that has taken place and the false documents and Officers perjuring themselves on the stand.

    You would think that psomeone would have been held accountable for what happened. But I later found out that the officer that is seeking the revenge on my boyfriend Was promoted right after that case.
    I would love to tell you this had a happy ending, but that man will not give up, he has since issued another false warrant for my boyfriend in a different county. Has threatened to harm me. I have put in complaints, but NO ONE CARES.
    The system is sooooooooo messed up. I am afraid to leave my home and I have been living in fear of what these men are capable of. They destroy lives with their lies. My heart goes out to you, no matter what you do, do not give up. It is up to you now to collect all the evidence you can get your hands on to prove his innocents, and you push those doors open until those crazy people can hear what you have to say. My prayers are with you. You can beat this and Free Terrell if he is truly innocent. There has got to be a way. Think outside the box and push the truth into a courtroom in front of a Judge that will Finally hear you! God Bless

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