Discusion – Adhering to the laws held by our judicial systems

judicial system

I have been a victim of perjured evidence which in truth is in all courts. Its not nice being the only person that has told the truth in a court case which led to me being falsely charged through police perjured evidence.

“For Swear to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth”(Jesus) is the oath taken in all court cases. But why don’t the lawyers, solicitors,judges and the police involved in these case adhere to the laws held by our judicial systems ?

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3 Responses to Discusion – Adhering to the laws held by our judicial systems

  1. deborah jackson says:


    I was representing myself and during proceeding the judge told me my daughter is dead my mental state went into shock this is my second child wrongfully removed lies by the police saying i abandoned my child with total strangers which is untrue its pure kidnapping my ex partner kidnapped my son it destroyed me for 10yrs with this happening again thats basically the next ten yrs and a partner who has took his own life in march after they took his daughter in feb 2013

  2. Alison Dieter says:

    Police and prosecutors lie, coerce witnesses to lie or disremember on the stand, and encourage eyewitnesses to “remember” events that did not happen; discourage or ignore witnesses that remember events exonerating the defendant; accept unscientific/unproved forensic testimony at trial; encourage jailhouse snitches to lie on the stand; and coerce false confessions from the defendant. Why do they do this? To win cases. Get convictions. How do they get away with railroading innocent people? It is not against the law. How can we make those injustices illegal? Through legislation. Do legislators file bills to stop the railroading? Yes they do. Do those bills get passed? Hell no. Who blocks them? Prosecutors and DA’s. When prosecutors hide evidence from the defense – that is illegal. We have one prosecutor indicted and found guilty – Ken Anderson, who has 10 days jail time and has lost his law license. How many prosecutors have done the same? The only way to reveal what is going on and why so many innocent people are being convicted and even executed is through the media. Unfortunately, they must be led by the hand to even recognize the problem. That is something you can do.

  3. Lori says:

    I fight for an innocent man who has been sentenced to death in Mississippi due to the INTENTIONAL misrepresentation of facts by Adam’s County Prosecutor Ronnie Harper. Jeff Havard has been on death row for 11 years for a murder that’s cause was impossible, SBS (SBS has been debunked) and an underlying felony which was never diagnosed by ANYONE with the medical expertise to do so. Ronnie Harper knowingly allowed perjured testimony, allowed unqualified, untendered witnesses to testify as if they were experts as well as “danced” around his questioning of the only expert witness to testify. He did this to gain a death sentence for a young man who was guilty of nothing more than bad judgement. Harper was FULLY AWARE that he was committing fraud upon the court and making a mockery of the very foundation on which our judicial system is supposed to be based. The judge in this trial improperly denied the defense an expert to evaluate the medical evidence although they admittedly did not understand it. This farce of a trial took two and one half business days from jury selection to sentencing. Jeffrey Havard’s state appeals have been exhausted and AG Jim Hood continues to fight for his execution, not by arguing that he is guilty, but by hiding behind procedural time bars. If Jeffrey Havard is executed, his blood will be on the hands of every official in Mississippi sworn to uphold truth in justice. Shame on all of them.

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