“THE DAILY DEATH BUGLE” – Bullying / Child Abuse / Domestic Violence

BullyingTalking about Bullying, Child Abuse and Domestic Violence, in the hope to make change!


Editor Tom Thumb

“GET YOUR DAILY DEATH,GET YOUR DAILY DEATH,READ ALL ABOUT IT!” the newspaper boy did shout “MAN KILLS RAPES BABY. government says Child abuse is part of societies problems,sad but true.WIFE RAPED AND MURDERED BY HUSBAND, Police say not enough resources to answer Domestic Violence”calls.CHILD TORTURED AND MURDERED IN SCHOOLS ,the school involved said “Bullying” is a problem in all schools,and more needs to be done to combat “Bullying”. GET YOUR DAILY DEATH,GET YOU DAILY DEATH,READ ALL ABOUT IT! Are you in it yet? Maybe someone you know is in the DAILY DEATH BUGLE!”

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