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The Stop Abuse Campaign exists to drive abuse into extinction. With your support, we believe we can achieve this ambitious goal within a generation.

Inside the Stop Abuse Campaign
We are a group of individuals, all drawn from the fields of business management, communications, education, mental health, criminal justice, medical, advocacy, social and community service. This permanent task force will serve local communities and organizations by providing links to a larger universe of abuse intervention and education.
The Stop Abuse Campaign will provide local organizations with direct access to national organizations devoted to understanding the causes and prevention of violence, abuse and trauma.
Local communities will be able to forge working relationships with the National Partnership to End Interpersonal Violence Across the Lifespan (NPEIV), the National Child Protection Training Center (NCPTC) as well as other innovative programs that have been successful in local and regional anti-abuse programs.
The Human Nature Of Abuse
Cycle of family abuse cartoon
Abuse is a combination of dangerous behaviors, attitudes and beliefs passed down from generation to generation. Abusers use status or physical advantage in the sexual, physical, emotional or financial mistreatment of those who are unable to defend themselves.
The reality of the situation is that almost half the population of the U.S. are survivors of abuse. How do we know that? Numbers don’t lie. Abuse is widespread and unfortunately, not going away.
  • One of six women will be sexually molested during her lifetime.
  • In a classroom of 24 students, a third will be physically or sexually abused before they graduate high school
  • On a block of 80 homes, 20 women are physically abused on a regular basis.
What will it take to stop abuse?
Many of the deadly diseases of early childhood, once the terrifying fears of all parents, are, today, no more. This year, driving fatalities have plummeted to their lowest level in over 60 years. The percentage of Americans who smoke cigarettes has fallen by 50% since 1965. The Stop Abuse Campaign maintains that no reason exists why abuse in America is immune to the same systematic, united efforts that have produced these extraordinary results.
Abuse will not be vanquished by our outrage or by the sympathy we feel for those who have been its prey. A better strategy is to recognize abuse as a dangerous and deadly healthcare problem. As such, abuse will respond to the same methodical interventions that have been effective against many of the serious health threats we face.
A National Effort to Benefit Local Communities
The Stop Abuse Campaign will add a national dimension to the eradication of abuse. This heightened profile will raise the awareness of abuse by making use of all available mass communication media. Such a national communications effort is beyond the resources of local organizations.

The Stop Abuse Campaign, in affiliation with its local members, will become the most potent adversary of abuse as well as the most effective advocate for those whose lives it threatens.

Get involved by joining us on Causes.
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We are growing by the 1000′s every month! People need us to succeed and for that to happen,
WE need you!
Go to Causes and start by taking a pledge to help stop abuse. Support our national efforts centered on the Child Victims Act and a Rape is Rape bill. Lend your support to both of these and more.

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