Discussion – Government Organizations – Hindrance or Help?


Talking about Bullying, Child Abuse and Domestic Violence, in the hope to make change!

Government Organizations, there to protect and help us! But are they more of a hindrance then a help? Do they create more problems then they solve? What do you think?

The topic of this discussion stems from my own experiences, throughout life and up to the present day. I hope you can understand my beliefs from reading my story and hearing about the injustices, abuse and breach of my rights when i say i have no faith in the government organizations that are there to protect and help us.

My life from a very early age has been plagued by issues that have affected me. Still today i carry the mental and physical scars which haunt my everyday life. From the experiences i have had with government organizations such as the police, social services, mental health services, and local councils, i feel that more problems have been created rather then solved.

In theory , what these organizations stand for may be true and honest but in reality is a very different story. Hitting the headlines and media channels is something that happens on a very regular basis, but more often then not it for the wrong reasons. The good that they do achieve is shadowed by the all the corruption, abuse, scandal and injustice created by their own actions.

I know that i am not alone and so many others in the world feel the same way as i do. Decisions made by these organizations can have life changing consequences changing normal life into living nightmares.. Those working for these organizations may work 9-5 and be able to switch off from the daily decisions they make, but for the individuals and families affected by those decisions, it can mean been able or unable  to afford living costs, families been destroyed and torn apart and injustice prevailing.

So are these organizations more of a hindrance then a help? Do they create more problems then they solve? Share your views,opinions and stories and let us know what you thinkā€¦

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One Response to Discussion – Government Organizations – Hindrance or Help?

  1. Diana Sharp says:

    I Agree, as my autistic non verbal son, is still suffering a year later, due to one year of their intervention. And the many abuses my son endured during their reign over our life and rights, as human beings. I absolutely agree, you can bet your whole earnings, on more hindrance then help. The amount of damage they do does more life time harm, especially to children.

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