Pamela Jenkins Story of Corruption


Talking about Bullying, Child Abuse and Domestic Violence, in the hope to make change!

When we at Tom Thumb read what a life threatening situation Pamela and her two daughters faced through the corruption of the
Police, we  immediately started a campaign for Pamela to expose the corruption of the Gendarmes in St,Martin.

I myself have had 42 years of police  corruption and many attempts on my own life,so I like Pamela and her two daughters know what it is like to live in fear of police corruption,all under the political policy of attack the innocent to protect the guilty,and the
feelings of suicide are not to far away for us victims of police brutality.

But it seems that each government what gets in power only support police corruption. Like Pamela we at Tom Thumb work to try and create a better world for people to live, so we hope you can support Pamela Jenkins and her two
daughters to get justice at her homepage &

Pamela’s Story of Corruption

“All I have ever done since the birth of my children
is ALONE raise them. I did not ‘live off the CAF” I have a degree I can not use.
I am defending MY CHILDREN. My children who have been discriminated against
since their birth. Social Services. Judicial services. We have been robbed We
have been attacked. We have been cheated. I have never had even a parking ticket
BUT simply because I have tried to defend our rights now I am being threatened.
The VICTIMS are two children who recently told one of those people: ‘Ever since
I was a little girl I have heard you insult my mother’. My children have the
rights to an education, to eat, to sleep in a decent healthy safe

Here is Pamela’s letter to Sent to the Ministre des Droits des Femmes march 13 2013. She has yet to answer but maybe?

le Ministre.
I am 60 year old single mother of two French St Martin children I have sole charge of. We have been subjected to extreme corruption at the Gendarmerie of St martin where they did a violent eviction with NO authorisation and now are covering up the whole corrupt affaire.. The new Prosecuto…re has REFUSED to take my complaints against the THREE gendarmes who screamed insults at me and my children.. yelling at my 15 year old FRENCH minor…and the gendarme had his hand on his GUN.  He yelled at her in the ILLEGAL operation : ‘TU PEUX PARTIR DE ST MARTIN ET TU PENSE QUE LA FRANCE DOIT PAYER VOS
He had yelled that he would pick me up and throw me outside by my body if I did not hurry up and get out.. in French. My daughter understoon the insultes and asked the Gendarme why he was speaking to her mother like she was a DOG. Then the Hussier FONTBONNE again with NO ID NO DOCUMENTS yelled at me he would have me arrested if I did not hurry up and get out I could smell alcohol n him. He looked so terrible in a crumpled old shirt and dirty jeans and un shaven.. Then the Gendarme came and screamed at me to GIVE ME YOUR KEYS NOW GIVE ME YOUR KEYS NOW AH HA ITS TOO LATE THE LOCKS ARE BROKEN’
All this was done with NO AUTHORISATION and confirmed in the court by the Judge! In fact that day a lawyer there told me she had never in 35 years as a lawyer NEVER seen a document such as this..It was all ILLEGAL and organised by Notary MOUIAL with the gendarmes…MOUIAL signed a convention for the gendarmes to eat at his restaurant LA PLAYA at Hotel l”HOSTE and the gendarmes eat lunch at LA PLAYA.
As I am a whistle blower and exposing what is going on at the Gendarmerie St Martin.. they have now managedd to OBSTRUCT the justice and aided by the Procureur NOAILLES.. who is new here but he is due in the COur de Cassation June 2013 accused of faux en Ecriture Publiqe. when he was the Juge Instruction on Reunion..
madame. I have contacted my Embassy and my Prime Minister and a Senator in Australia to expose this corrupion that I.. 60 years old with NO CRIMINAL record am being dragged into the CRIMINAL COURT of St martin when the gendarmes have REFUSED my complaints and disposed of the ones I have made since 2001 against the father of my children for ABANDON DE FAMILLE and covered up at the gendarmerie and Huissier EMICA Chantal used lies at the Cour Appel.
The gendarmes even managed to have the complaint of 12 AVRIL 2011 changed to 13 Avril 2011 and CANCELLED Corruption now and I will expose this case everywhere I can now that I am being dragged into the CRIMINAL COURT..This is so so disgusting that as well MAITRE CHARLES NICOLAS HAS STOLEN MY DOCUMENTS
AS HE REFUSES TO RETURNE THEM TO ME SINCE 17 SEPTEMBER 2011 AND PROCUREUR NOAILLES REFUSES TO ASSIST ME… this is 100% corruption on St martin.. I have FOUR FORGED SIGNATURES.. THAT HAVE BEEN USED BY HUISSIER EMICA CHANTAL to empty my BDAF bank account to ZERo.. the forgeries done by Marlene Frauilich BENAYOUN who has FIVE convictions and the GENDARMES ST MARTIN refused my complaints.
Pamela Greek Jenkins

FOUR forged signatures. Not one of them is mine. FOUR, not one but FOUR Saint Martin where the gendarmes refused to take my complaints. Where the prosecutor refused to act on my complaints. Where the Service Centrale Prevention de Corruption… did reply and wrote he would send all to the Procureur Generale Basse Terre who NEVER EVER REPLIED.

FOUR forged signatures and nothing is done on Saint Martin?Two different forged signatures on two forged contracts were done by a woman with a fully charged criminal record but the gendarmes REFUSED to assist me. They told me I am on their Black List!

Marlene FRAUILICH BENAYOUN. she was condemned. that was nothing for the gendarmes.

Since 2006 I have tried to get the justice. Huissier EMICA used two different FORGED signatures on two DIFFERENT forged contracts to empty my bank account to zero and the second one a lawyer who had represented me changed. Yes he represented BENAYOUN.The most amazing?
A notary with his lawyer used the FORGED signature on a document I had never seen nor signed. Used a FORGED signature to prove ten years later I had accepted a decent logement. BUT that document I never saw nor signed. The Director of Agence IMMODOMhid it from me 29 Sept 1997 as he saw he was responsible for the robbery. Ah yes. But I did not speak one word of French. Agence IMMODOM hid from me the PROOF that they were responsible for the robbery. Maitre PAYEN sent me his conclusions October 2007 with the copy of the FALSE DOCUMENT.Ah but in the Tribunal on Saint Martin. I am FOREIGN woman alone and with mixed race children so I have received racial insults as well.AND to this day NOTHING has been done for FOUR forgedsignatures. The Commandant saw the forged signatures. he did nothing. that is why now they have me in the criminal court. Cover up.

forged signatures

I now really know the depth they will go against me. Here is the evidence!

There was NO audience 05 December 2013. The JUDGE! Yes the magistrate. A person who has sworn to uphold the truth hasn’t he? Here he wrote absolute lies. There was …no audience held 05 December 2013 made worse by all the false statements in the judgment!
The lawyer who was supposed to be the ‘defense lawyer’ sent this to me by EMAIL I have never received a judgment from the courthouse by registered mail.
In fact as well the judge even wrote that I was there December 19 2013 and that I understood all he told me I was NOT there December 19 2013
I really wonder Is the TRUTH ever used?
It seems NOT. He even wrote in the judgment that present in the court 05 December 2013 present was one Mme KG as an interpreter!
Problem is the audience was 07 November 2013. One woman an Italian was there acting as an ‘English interpreter” she also is not registered at the Cour Appel as an interpreter of English but nor is Mme KG and nor is MMe SD that the prosecutor used. In fact none of them are registered as an “INTERPRETER ANGLAISE” with the court of Appeal Basse Terre on Guadeloupe. But then again the President of the Court of Appeal does not reply to me either. This WHOLE case is one of Fraud!!!

WANTED A Lawyer on
French St Martin. WANTED.
Wanted a lawyer who uses the TRUTH.
A lawyer with honesty and moral values. A lawyer who will assist me and two French
children. Not a l.awyer like Maitre CN, a batonnier who has taken and kept my
ORIGINAL documents. He has lied he never did take them but his memory is short.
I had a witness with and with whom he was flirting.
WANTED: A lawyer who
n truly battle the real corruption.
The judge told me I am ‘tellement difficile’ Ah because I have the truth in a French
court. He is the same judge who told me to file the complaint. It seems at the
Tribunal st martin the hats change regularly..
me or my children.

Like always here’s hoping for a better tomorrow for all!!!

Tom Thumb

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5 Responses to Pamela Jenkins Story of Corruption

  1. Pamela says:

    Dear TomThumb,

    Thanks so much for publishing this. We really need help. I have been denied legal aid. I have two French children and since their birth the administration here has abused my ignorance and me as a foreigner. I have had insults yelled at me simply because I am not French. The stress of years of abuse had led now to serious heart disease. I have been forced to live day to day in fear of what next will happen. Thanks to David and Andrew. Most recently I was charged via a false judgment. I say false as the judge has used false dates, false name of an interpreter but even invented the charges. I have not as NORMAL as as by the law even received a judgment in an affair to cover up all they did against the law. I need a lawyer. Its impossible to receive a lawyer from legal aide in Guadeloupe. Rather the dean even returns my letters. The Social Security has left me and my children without medical insurance now since the end of October 2013. They refuse to renew it. Twice I have sent all the documents needed, Like a sick game they have immediately returned them and refuse to give me., a 61 year old single mother with HEART DISEASE the essential medical insurance. My two children also have been denied that and it is their RIGHT as French children. NOT so on Saint Martin. I have now missed two essential appointments and blood tests. I was admitted via emergency last year with kidney failure and again they refused to renew my insurance. I was refused my medications on discharge from the hospital. My daughter was admitted to hospital via emergency with dengue fever. The social worker at the hospital in FOUR days refused to come to my daughter’s room. My daughter had insufficient platelets. The hospital sent me judicial charges for the bills. That same social worker works also at the court house. She refused and blocked the third hearing against the father of my children for NON payment of child support. This corruption has gone on since the birth of my children
    I was denied the rights to have the social security number and the family allowance number for FIVE years. The father of my children collected. Thanks David and Andrew. Its truly time that such abuse of Women’s Rights and therefore Children’s rights is exposed in a country reputed to respect Human rights.

  2. Bouguerra says:

    Je soutiens cette si juste cause !

    • Pamela says:

      Thanks Hacene.
      This story gets worse.
      Now in order to cover up everything that has been done against me and my two children, a totally false accusation was made with a document with the WRONG name. The two men crossed out the wrong name using second pen as a ruler.They forced me to sign that under threat of arrest if I did not. That was 22 November 2012 for Defamation on Facebook. They even had interrogated my minor daughter 22 November 2012. The man who refused to show his ID yelled at my daughter: “Did the gendarme at the door do this ( he had raised his arm) and show your mother a document at the door.’ No Sir the gendarme did not do that.There was no document” One of the men had laughed at us as he raised his tshirt to show where his gun was hidden. They left in silence. THREE months later Two intrusions from un recognised devices alerts from Facebook security and the charges were changed to Outrage.
      My facebook post had been altered. A word deleted and commas inserted to change the meaning of the post so it read that I had accused the gendarme of doing the robbery and destruction. That post was used to accuse me of outrage.
      So then.
      The audience was 07 November 2013!!!!!!!
      An interpreter who is Italian and not registered as an ‘interpreter anglaise’
      I was not allowed to speak.
      I Only could answer questions.
      I never saw any of the charges and nothing was translated to English
      TOTAL violation of all Human Rights.
      As well that same judge had said he would make a judgment against me in May 2013 even before an audience. violation of human rights and RIGHTS to a Fair IMPARTIAL TRIAL
      But I am a foreigner.
      So by an email I received a ‘judgment”
      False statements in the judgment.
      date changed that the audience was 05 Dec 2013. BUT the magistrate was not here. There was NO audience 05 Dec 2013. The name of the interpreter was also changed. I was convicted of what? I have no idea.
      All I know is that this is a cover up of the illegal eviction.
      The same two men accusing me are the same two , one who refused to take my complaints and that is against all laws and the other who did the illegal eviction without any documents.
      The legal aid office in Guadeloupe refuses to reply to my rights and demands for a lawyer
      The Bar Association also refuses to reply.
      The appeal?
      Just where is truth?
      How can this be allowed in a country that signed the Droits de l’Homme and who has ratified all treaties of the United Nations.

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