Discussion – Child Abuse in Britain

child abuse

Talking about Bullying, Child Abuse and Domestic Violence, in the hope to make change!
Child abuse – a plague that threatens the future of our youth.

Has there been an increase in the number of victims affected by child abuse over the past 10 years? Is this an ever growing problem or is it more cases been reported? And if so what do you think have been the major causes in the increase in child abuse related issues?

Like my story depicts I was a victim during my time within child services.The child services which are supposed to protect and care for the vulnerable have often been front page due to the corruption and allegations against them. Many cases have been reported which show just what goes on behind the closed doors of many of their homes. What is even more worrying is the amount of cases that go unreported until years or decades later.

I was a late learner with the mental damage I carry everyday.and I,m sure that there are many more victims of child abuse by agencies like social services who have been late learners with the mental damage they carry from agencies like social services,and all other types of child abuse.

We at Tom Thumb think one of the major causes of child abuse is the political policy of attack the innocent to protect the guilty,we have had many parents contact us through these issues with their children being kidnapped by child care agencies,so in many parents eyes the child care agencies have become the biggest threat to their children’s mental and physical health.

But it seems that each government what gets in power only bring in more policies which allow for child abuse to flourish in all our communities in all its ugly guises. Children should be more protected because how children develop in all our communities affects all our futures.  Children are the future!!! A society of child abuse will not benefit anybody if all we keep creating is damaged adults who are damaged forever through being victims of child abuse,

Share your views and opinions and let us know what you think…
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3 Responses to Discussion – Child Abuse in Britain

  1. MARSHA L. SCOTT says:

    Child abuse has been growing at an alarming rate. However, the problem is many cases are not abuse but discipline not handled in the correct way that gets meshed in with the unfortunate cases that are never resolved or go unreported. I very well understand the late life conflict that does go on. Much of it leads to low self-esteem, poverty, the inability to lead constructive lives, fear, hostility, recluse and other unsociable activities. I healed myself through the mentoring of inmates with similar experiences. When we tend to understand the hurts and needs of others we often find that so many of us are suffering from the same dilemma.
    How can we detect such abuse when many children never mention these hideous acts until they are well in there early twenties or later on in life. What signs should we look for? How far should we prod into questionable behavioral traits? The signs are there. Yet they are so silent. We can not be with our children all the time. However, the predator is usually a love one in the home or a familiar person the family has come to know. Many children are reluctant to say anything at all in fear of retaliation, breaking up relationships they feel they need in their lives, fear of pressure from the abusive adult or older sibling, fear of being criticized or blamed for the incident. Most children are put in situations where they are not able to give precise information, but tell with gestures or long periods of withdrawal. Many children become abusive to other children, acting out what they may have learned from their oppressor(s). The number of runaways and children committing crimes are staggering. Many children give into varied psychological disorders before they can be able to understand that they are not the problem. These things go well into adult life
    often showing up in other forms of dysfunctional behavior.
    Healing is not an easy process. However, one must come to the place of talking about these occurrences and bringing to the forefront what took place, with whom, how it made you feel, and your current feelings before you can develop new and permanent ideas. Several counseling sessions I have had with inmates and young children concerning these issues have been extremely emotional, however the end result was putting families back together and turning the victim into a victorious individual with a productive life. This is a very difficult subject to expound on because we really need to look at our society as a whole. I don’t like the picture I see from law to religion. It (law and religion) very well should keep silent since there is little resolve from the pulpit and no restorative act and very little justice from law. Because of our silence, and the way we are handling child abuse we are creating a society where the abnormal has become ok and the dysfunctional are being endorsed with rights and privileges. We are out of control.

    • David Marsh says:

      agreed Marshall with your comments 100%,it has got well out of controlespecially under these barbaric policies of attack/kill the innocent to protect the guilty”,its these polices which have created the explosion of child abuse in our communities,and obviously the internet and child porn has played its part,and no child is safe from physicl abuse,or sexual abuse,more needs to be done to protect the “Little ones” in our community,all our societies have become dysfunctional across the whole spectrum of the class system,just some views/opinions yours Tom Thumb.Thank you.

  2. J Vear says:

    I’m astounded at the fact that the Family Courts and CAFCASS do nothing to support victims of domestic and child abuse when their perpetrators drag their victims into the Family Court system when contact with the children is no longer an option when the victim has fled to a refuge for her and her children’s safety. Their perpetrators use the court system as a vehicle to further gain access to the victim and their children in order to carry on the abuse. The victim is left wondering what the hell has just happened when the courts and CAFCASS do not take their allegations of a use seriously, disregard them the do all they can to fit with the perpetrators agenda. The perpetrators – all of which are narcissists – claim their former partners are mentally and emotionally unstable and a danger to the children. This is never the case.

    The reason why I am highlighting this is because this is the scenario I personally am being subjected to. Despite my ex husband who violently abused my three children from a previous relationship as well as his own son and admitted it, he is attempting to gain permanent residency of our son based on his false claims if my alleged mental and emotional state. This is further compounded by the fact that CAFCASS take all the evidence they get on the mother and child/children, twist it into unbelievable lies and present it to the court as try evidence, which the court then considers fact and acts accordingly!! My CAFCASS officer has lied about a conversation she had with my sons school, who said they were concerned about the effects these ongoing proceedings were having on my physical, mental and emotional health. This was twisted by the CAFCASS officer and presented to the court as me being obsessed with my own health to the detriment of my sons welfare and that I had a volatile mental and emotional presentation! Nothing could be further from the truth! The Family Court and CAFCASS mercilessly persecute the victims of domestic abuse and push for as much contact as they can get for the child to have continued and unsupervised contact with their abuser thus allowing the abuse to continue and put the child’s life in danger. As a mother I am barred from my legal duty to protect my child from abuse. This is only the half of what I have been through which also includes being subjected to manipulation, coersion, discrimination and blackmail by a judge. The reason why none of this makes it to the public eye is due to the fact that Family Courts are closed courts and not subject to The Freedom of Information Act. But neither do the courts adhere to the United Nations Convention for the Rights of the Child either. Nor do they respect nor allow the basic human rights of the victims of abuse to met at all. It is all about the rights of the father and his parental responsibility, which is given far more leeway than should ever be allowed, even to go so far as to order the victim – in this case me – to rerun to the place from where my son and I fled the ongoing abuse despite it still carrying on three – now four years after the divorce – and to make an order for me to do the impossible without breaking Educational Law and face prosecution. I was not allowed and nor was my son allowed to be free and to live safely away from our abuser.

    The complaints process against CAFCASS is pointless as no one who I know who has gone through what I have with them so far – and it isn’t over yet – has had any success with having an officer dealt with for malpractice, even when provided with solid evidence of their lying in court to back up their complaints. In every case the officer is found to have acted properly. It is a scandal.

    I have emailed Ed Miliband as it was the Labour Government who created CAFCASS and made him well aware of what is going on. Children will continue to be abused if this doesn’t stop. Safeguarding measures are either not implemented or properly seen to be adhered to, contact is allowed to happen or continue with further frequency before any risk assessments or Fact Finding Hearings have taken place – if their are ordered to which was not the case with me despite clear evidence of child abuse despite Practice Directive 12J clearly stating that no applications for contact or residency orders shoul be accepted until a Fact Funding Hearing has taken place, a risk assessment carried out, anger management ordered if a risk is found and sufficient safeguarding measures put in place to protect the child from further risk of abuse, which would be supervised contact. Yet my son has up have regular overnight contact with his father that he does not want and he has no choice in the matter. CAFCASS are more interested in assassinating the character and wellbeing of the victim mother and her care of her child than in the severe mental, emotional and physical damage caused by the abuser to the child during contact!

    People have to know what is going on in the Family Courts and with CAFCASS.

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