“THE DAILY DEATH BUGLE” MARCH 2014 – Bullying / Child Abuse / Domestic Violence

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Talking about Bullying, Child Abuse and Domestic Violence, in the hope to make change!


Editor Tom Thumb


My story tells of the abuse. corruption and injustices against me from childhood to the present day. The mental and physical scars are still very raw and visible and sometimes day to day life can be a real struggle. One thing that i have always wanted is not only to help others share their stories and find justice but also some sort of closure and justice to the issues that have plagued my life.  I would like admittance from the organizations that failed and forgot me and exposed me and left me no other option other than to  endure the mental and physical abuse inflicted on me as a child.

I was left to die in a house with no heating,  no food,and in which the windows was smashed to let in the snow and rain. I was left in these conditions to die of exposure!! No child should be left to die such circumstances and it was only through luck I survived, but how many children will die under such conditions? I accepted like my brothers and sisters that I was going into care, so why did the social services leave me behind in such life threatening conditions?

Over the past couple of weeks i have been in touch with solicitors specializing in human rights. Many even though they specialize in the area of human rights have been unable to help and not willing to help me in my fight for personal justice.

Some of the solicitors i contacted were willing to help but only if i paid a hefty sum upfront. Something i just can’t afford. As many of you know during last year things took a turn for the worse and many times throughout the year i was left with no money and struggling to survive. I was also asked why i didn’t open my case when i was 18. But at the time i was imprisoned  and due to how the mental damage i sustained  as a child affects me this was not an option. Does justice have a sell by date???

In hindsight i should’ve reported and complained about the abuse after each incident the took place  but i was a child, i should never have been exposed to abuse and most of all the people and organizations whose care i was in should never of allowed it to happen in the first place.

 Reading the replies from  many of the solicitors that did contact me back it made me think, the legal system is complicated , full of loop holes and more often than not works against rather than for the victim.

After contacting nearly 30 of them seeking legal advice i may possibly have found someone who is willing to help me seek justice. I now need to get hold of my social services file. I don’t hold much hope of this happening and expect  it to be full of bent truths, missing pages and edited to protect the guilty. I suppose i will just have to wait and see.

I also wonder how the social service report will explain my broken collar which got through being abused by another child, and a social carer?I was recently informed by my doctor that my collar has now become deformed,and needs a serious operation. I also nearly lost life to a violent assault as a child which has left me death in my right ear,and which I still suffer from today.

We recently ran a write a Tom Thumb for lady who had her son taking from her and placed in a care home on his own, this boy has the same mental condition as me. His life has been destroyed, the damage is so severe that he has no control of his behavior. The child’s attachment bonds to his family have been broken, and he now suffers from outbursts of violence which he has no control. I feel like me that throughout his life he will be plagued by this.

When I get my social services file I will put it online for those who have followed Tom Thumbs journey of being a victim of child abuse,bullying.My feelings of my physical injuries is that I have paid an heavy price, I get reminded of this with the pain I sometimes still suffer from,So not only did the social services destroy my mental health,but my physical health as well,

I would like to hear from anyone that has also struggled and/or  have been denied their rights through legal advice. Any help would be much appreciated.

Like always here’s hoping for a better tomorrow for all!!! Tom Thumb Share your views and opinions and let us know what you think…

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4 Responses to “THE DAILY DEATH BUGLE” MARCH 2014 – Bullying / Child Abuse / Domestic Violence

  1. Brenda Riggs says:

    Unfortunately I have experience with social services and the injustices of the legal system. My older two boys were molested and the perpetrator is still free. It affected my zest that’s now 12 so bad that he was in an institution for a year. He has been in and out of acute psych facilities his entire life. He too has angry outbursts and has been diagnosed with bipolar, ADHD, oppositional defiance disorder, and PTSD. I wonder at times if his bipolar was caused by the abuse that he suffered. In my research with scholarly sources, I have learned that high stress results in changed brain waves and chemicals. My kids don’t understand why my oldest was sent to prison for a year while the adult that sexually abused them.

    Unfortunately I get to deal with this all ovepr again and it’s with my youngest son this time. On March 9, 2014 he was screaming and crying in a panic then he said he was scared of his dad, that he was a bad guy, and that his dad punched him in the eye. I immediately took him to the police and was told I had to bring him back to his home. What a crock! The police officer heard the recording. If ud provide me with ur phone number or email if b happy to David’s it with u. Then this past Thursday he told me something that made my heart drop. He explained that his step grandpa is sexually abusing him. I know my son was telling the truth as he stated that he was asleep and got woke up to him pulling his pants and underwear down and twisting, pulling, and wiggling his pee pee er. The most shocking part is when I asked where his grandma was and he stated that one time she walked in really fast and told her husband nonono and pulled his pants and underwear up. But obviously she did nothing. I have no idea how my ex got custody seeing as he has a history of domestic violence and has been convicted as well as is awaiting trial on still yet another instance of domestic violence. I had to take him in for a forensic interview of which he disclosed nothing. But silly me, I forgot to tell him he has autistic spectrum disorder which means his brain is wired differently. They r allowing him to do another interview but I fear that they will brainwash him. I found another lawyer and as long as he tells them wut happens in three weeks I should get custody of him so he’s in a safe and in a stable environment with me. I just wish they removed the children while doing the investigation instead of waiting until it’s substantiated. And even then they give the dad a chance to straighten up. That’s crap, u can’t cure an abuser. Pray for me as I’m praying for you.

  2. Bee says:

    Please contact as I have similar problem but do have my files

    • admin says:

      Please feel free to contact us via the contact us page as i feel that it may be benificial for us both. Look forward to hearing from you

  3. chris says:

    I can’t remember a length of time in my 30 plus years of life that I have not endured abuse through many variations onto myself as well as friends, strangers and children. My heart goes out to each and everyone of you. I’m deeply touched by all of your tragedies’. NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND should definitely mean what it says in every state. ZERO TOLERANCE should be recognized as one in the same. NO CHILD should be forced into a dangerous situation just because a piece of paper says so when the evidence is blatant and the child has told a trusted source. The damage this does alone is unthinkable. They’ll endure rather than talk truth because nothings ever done for them. No child should ever have to endure cold nights with no food, broken bodies and soul. This trauma is life lasting and yet the Court systems in place say the child be safe to go home after your biological parent or parents complete services. Which are minute and don’t aid the parents in becoming better people in anyway that’s why the foster care programs are so overwhelmed with cases. You’d think after 20 plus years of seeing the abuse and corruption with in the system more help would be in reach of those who have endured as well as survived. It can be the most empowering feeling ever when you group together with other SURVIVORS of abuse to ensure that NO CHILD IS LEFT BEHIND again that together as a united front we have ZERO TOLERANCE for the mass amounts of damaging pain that has been inflicted in anyway upon an innocent helpless impressionable developing child!! Can you tell I’m extremely passionate about this topic. Child Protective Services or Care services Departments per State are all for Reunification and are a Proactive not Reactive Service Department’s. Where is that putting the child first or weighing forward with a case per case instruction that is always putting the best interest of the child first?? It seems to stand with reason that’s why those Departments were formed to begin with. I’d like to know more about your stories as I am currently in the beginning stages of opening a non profit organization for children who have continually been allowed to “Fall through the Cracks” of a failing system. I myself have spent many years fighting for my own children’s rights as victims of abuse. There is so much we can do for ourselves legally with the help of others but don’t often know how because no ones gonna freely tell us. Please feel free to email me if love to know more about all of you who can share your stories. My heart goes out to all of you.

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