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Talking about Bullying, Child Abuse and Domestic Violence, in the hope to make change!


The Police – supposedly an organization that protects and serves. But is this really the case? Do they honor the pledge that the have taken? Or do the abuse their power?

I would like our readers to bear in mind that i am not tarnishing all those that serve within police organizations with the same brush. Like everything there is a good and bad side. From my own personal experiences and those depicted in my story i have more often then not seen the bad. I have been victim to conspiracies against both my family and myself, I have seen the corruption, the ignorance to do what is right and the abuse of their social standing within the community.

i know from comments received and those that have shared stories with me, that many have also fallen victim to foul injustices at the hands of the law. We would like to hear your stories about your experiences and for you to share your views and opinions and let us know what you think…

Yours Tom Thumb

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  1. alex christianopoulos says:

    veiw my story of police corruption throwing me in mental institution to take away my voice as a victim veiw my story http://whistleblower.simplesite.com/ thanks alex

    • admin says:

      Thank you for sharing a link to your story. I know all to well about police corruption. if you would like to write an article directed to our readers then please feel free to get in touch.

  2. John Rollison says:

    I honestly think no one has the right to take a life unless there is a direct threat to the individual or other individuals at that point in time and then and only then if they can’t be disarmed as i did disarm my attacker and then followed the chain of command. Where did that get me? Just walking up and killing someone because you can is wrong. Now as for police and their actions I have worked for/with/and alongside some of the dirtiest ones as well as some of the best. I’ve always made my opinion known about their actions. So here it is again. When you ignore your informants dirty crimes because he got you 80 something drug busts of most of his clients ya his clients, there might have been one or two of his buddies that were the same level but most were people he regularly sold drugs too and actually how he bragged they got busted. He bragged he sold drugs to them and then they rushed in and busted them. A product provided by the police. Now how is that taking drugs off the street or dangerous drug offenders when the informant is selling them the product that he normally would have been doing. Did records show this was the case. Probably not. I guess this might be why this cop was forced into retirement. Oh and i started that investigation on both of them. Ya that is fair to the public as well. My opinion he is a piece of shit. Next issue there is a retired state police officer / actually a group of them that ran a security / investigation service. They were falsifying federal training records for their employees. They would sneak them in the 8 hour retrain for coal miners instead of getting them the 40 hour underground or 24 hour surface miner training requirements. Their issue they were just security at the mines. It doesn’t matter its required by law and what makes your company exempt from federal requirements. It could be the fact they were to cheap to provide water for the guys at abandoned mine sites as that was one thing that was hinted. Really so committing fraud is worth tarnishing your entire police record. My biggest issue isn’t just this, its the fact the guy who runs the company is also an agent for the dept of homeland security according to their website. Wow were really protecting America. I could go on and on but the next couple I haven’t officially reported but hinted in the past. Any company employee that thinks because they are retired police they can do what they want when they want including violate peoples rights by falsifying documents signed by subjects in those documents and require employees to shred the originals after they have been tampered with is a piece of shit as well and I’ll never shop nor recommend the company to anyone as long as these types of actions are present.

  3. David White says:

    I have noticed in the past five years that this Country that we have always called the Land of The Free” has almost made this very powerful statement seem untrue! I have caught myself often lately saying that the citizens of the U.S.A. have been manipulated for a very long time now to,factually believe this in their heart of hearts. I know this because its something I’ve been wrestling within myself for quite some time. I am no outlaw individual whom has always had to duck the system, I am a 49 year old father of four, now with four Grandchildren. I have listened to allot of nonsense from people who do buck the system and can say I am in no way advocating to the ones who I used to think were the reason we as a civilized nation needed a strong law and order, I was grateful as most are that we had brave men and women to keep our children safe, keep us who work hard for what we have from being violated by criminals who would take these things and get away with it if it were not for our legal system, and the officers of that legal system to make sure it’s enforced! That’s what I believed, I can not say this anymore and make myself believe in it anymore. I have seen this Countries laws change so that it does not take a rocket scientist to know that political maneuvering has systematically made law to support Government,State, City and County’s by these laws creating cash cow revenue to make the politicians rich and instead of good jobs and big business to be taxed to pay city and county employees and keep up with infrastructure, that by the way is way down the list, we have the men in blue harassing our American citizens whom are barely making it anymore to extract any and all moneys they have after working hard all week to pay for other peoples comfortable life style. These people are the ones who are selling out this land little by little so they may have their security! This I think is what it all boils down to, I was arrested as if I were a killer for arguing with my brother who is going threw a divorce, he has been very hostile and I guess needs to blow off some steam, there were no hitting, just yelling and police officers were called to the scene, that was not a scene anymore, they arrested me, I had a 20,000 dollar bond, so it was $ 2000 cash to get out, paid it the night I was arrested but stayed four days, four days in a hell hole, I was given none of my very important medicine I take regularly, got very sick over that, when the bondsman came and had me sign everything, I thought I was leaving..no the judge had ordered that I wear a GPS monitor,had to wait two more days in this place before they showed up to put it on, charged me $380 then and there, I said what if I hadn’t had but the $2000 for this crazy bond? I was told I would not have left..its been four months and at $300 per month I am now owing them another $1200 , I have been paying threw the nose, it was a scary offense 2 to 10 yr felony, so I had to hire a lawyer, $2000 thus far, the monitoring company has just informed me if I don’t pay the $1200 within 10 days my bond would be revoked and back I go…so to have a good ole brotherly argument here in Texas, it will cost around $6000 dollars here in Texas.

  4. Robin Abams says:

    The Story of Robin Abrams…. corrupt on many different levels. She was sworn in to serve and protect, lived to do what she loved. When a relationship with a co-worker went south (he was married and lied) and she tried to break it off, he had a vendetta out for her. He orchestrated her firing and harassed her to the max! You wouldn’t believe what he was able to get away with with the help of his buddy co-workers. Her supervisor was aware of what was going on and said nothing, did nothing to help protect her. After finally getting a order of protection, she filed a federal lawsuit for sexual harassment and wrongful termination against her harasser and 7 other co-workers . Well, about 2 weeks before her deposition she DISAPPEARED! No one was ever held accountable for her murder. 24 years later she is waiting to home to rest in peace – her body has never been found. But the question is … DO THEY WANT HER FOUND? https://www.facebook.com/findrobin.abrams

  5. Tracy says:

    killer cops should be equal with cop killers as far as consequences!
    To generalize is to discredit yourself…

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