“THE DAILY DEATH BUGLE” NOVEMBER 2014 – Bullying / Child Abuse / Domestic Violence


Talking about Bullying, Child Abuse and Domestic Violence, in the hope to make change!


Editor Tom Thumb


We are fast approaching the end of another year and with every year that passes a new hope is born and then shattered by further injustices.

So here’s a little recap of what had been happening up until May when I was taken off line. In 2013 the unemployment office stopped my benefits with no warning and at first I just thought that my benefit had been delayed due to computer error and so at first I dint make any enquiries.

This carried on into a second week, and still no payment had reached my account. Money that I relied on due to been unable to work because of the mental and physical scars inflicted upon me during care as a child and throughout my life up to the present day. So I contacted the local unemployment office, and I got not reply,

Another week followed and still nothing, no money and no reason or reply. I was now contacting the office everyday via internet to make sure that everything was logged so I could prove that I had been trying.

As the weeks went on I ran out of electricity, gas and also food. Entering into the fourth week I was struggling to survive as earlier editions of the daily death bugle describe. And still I hadn’t received and money or help of any kind. So I contacted the local politician Liz Redfern (Conservative M.P) and the next thing the police and mental health was at my front door. All I wanted was some help, some advice which is why I wrote to her in the first place.

For reasons still unknown to me and I can only presume them to be more conspiracies and bullying against me, I was sectioned in the local mental institute, all because I tried to reach out for help and advice.  I explained to the staff at the institute my situation and how I didn’t even have the bare essentials and had struggled for 4 weeks or more with no answers from anyone. This was the reason that I had gone on hunger strike, not only because I wanted to make a stand but because I had no choice, I had no food to eat, I had no money to buy anything.

I was sectioned and held against my will for 20 days and found myself on a 2 years mental health order, forced to take medication which caused me countless problems including sleepless nights, pain, suicidal thoughts due and whole host of other side effects. I spoke out about this as well and still I received no help and was forced to continue taking substances which I believe were of no help due to lifetime of abuse. Physical and mental abuse causing damage which is irreversible mentally and very complicated physically unless a series of major operations are undertaken.

Eventually my claim for unemployment benefit was sorted out. I have and still currently trying to appeal my mental health order but to no avail. I am currently still having issues with receiving my benefits and it’s hit and miss as to whether I get paid without chasing the local organisations up to find out what it happening. I would love to be able to lead a normal life and be able to work etc. but due to mental and physical injuries this just isn’t a possibility. I am a creation of a corrupt and unjust system.

As the year went on the conspiracies continued and in May I received a knock at the door from the police who took my computer and mobile phone. (Details of this can be found in the last Daily Death Bugle Update on the main page of the site). I believe that these were sent by another local politician to my area, Andrew Percy. Although I have no proof it wasn’t until I had contacted him for advice.

I do admit that I did vent at both Andrew Percy and the police, but I was struggling to live, I needed help and was trying to reach out to people that I thought would be able to help me but obviously I was wrong. When you ask and get no answers it is and was inevitable in my case that I had enough and vented my anger (through writing not violence)

So as I said previously the police ended up taking any means that would allow me to access the internet. I did think that this whole mess would soon be sorted out but I was very wrong it has taken nearly six months as I believe they kept deliberately postponing the court case to keep me offline and stop my speaking out about my experiences and their conspiracies against me being exposed. No one likes been told they are wrong, especially the government organisations.

It was only when I started enquiring about moving legal proceeding to another country because of previous injustices against me and that in my opinion other justice systems are a lot fairer ( like France) that the police decide not to prosecute. All legal proceeding and possible charges were dropped against me. I finally received my items back.

In my opinion the whole situation was a whole waste of time and money as charges against me should never have been brought against me. I could understand if it was a continual bombardment of emails venting my anger but it wasn’t it was a single case. There are so many people out there that harass and stalk others sending hate mail and abusive content and these people are left to their own devices. This only backs up my point that it is an unfair and unjust system that needs reforming from the dark ages when it was created!!!

Like always here’s hoping for a better tomorrow for all!!! Tom Thumb

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One Response to “THE DAILY DEATH BUGLE” NOVEMBER 2014 – Bullying / Child Abuse / Domestic Violence

  1. Trisha Holmeide says:

    Although it appears you live in England I was wondering how you can receive “unemployment” benefits if you are unable to work. Is it different over there? Here (in the US) a person must prove they are able to work but have been laid off in order to receive unemployment benefits. If they are disabled they must be granted disability by Judges and awarded benefits through the Social Security Administration. And, if/when checks do not arrive (which does happen here too) and people are in danger of having their power turned off, needing food etc. there are numerous charitable organizations that step in to help–almost everyone knows not to keep going to the government for help because it acts so slowly a person would starve to death before getting the necessary food to live! I am also wondering whether or not you are entitled to on-going therapy (for obvious depression and to work on other psychological or physiological issues that might be improved with help)?

    the one thing I wanted to say above all others is that you are not alone–the corrupt and broken system has hurt, maimed and allowed the death of thousands, not to mention the early deaths of those who mourn their losses without hope of ever seeing their families again. And, regardless what the system did or didn’t do to you they can only truly “win” when you give up being the best and the happiest you can be. Focus on your obvious strengths and continue working toward making a better future for those who are following after you. Join positive and inspiring groups that are making am difference not just cataloging the disappointments and pain. God Bless you and help make you the whole and happy person you were intended to be.

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