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It has been a long time since I last posted on the website. This has largely been due to struggling with my health, depression and the continued injustices against me.

When the website first started I had always hoped that one day I would finally find some kind of closure. I knew that the mental and physical scars would never go away but always thought that some sense of normality and a fresh start could be had. As more and more time goes by, I know that this will never be possible.

I have also toyed with the idea of shutting the website down all together. Something that I don’t want to do but I am finding it harder and harder every day. Like many organisations the internet is corrupt. Over the past months I have found a lot of other victims who like me run a website to expose the truth, closing up shop and steering clear of social networks. The main reason for this is the corrupt organisations, pro-criminal laws and justice been over cast by money and class systems.

Those that commit wrong doings, bully, rape and murder the innocent and help spread a plague of injustice corrupting the good, don’t want to be exposed. By victims speaking out they open themselves up to more persecution. I like every other victim that has spoken out know this to be true. I have seen so many online friends fighting for justice close their sites down in order to protect themselves and their families. Their hope is that by doing this they can live without fear of more injustice against them. I can totally understand their reasons but the problem with this is once again the criminals, abusers and corrupt organisation win. And with each victim that stops speaking out, a united voice becomes a whisper and the unheard voice allowing these people free reign to do as they please without repercussions.

Over the past month I have had a meeting regarding my CTO and I was informed that it had now come to an end. I received a copy of the mental health report which had been put together over the past couple of years. I believe that the report has been fabricated to allow them to do what they please and to continue making me take forced medication.

Because my CTO is over it means that I should be able to refuse to have any more dealings with the mental health services. They have already asked me whether I would mind if they kept paying me regular visits, I said “You will do as you like anyway”. In my own opinion by their continued visits it would actually conclude with the facts that the reason why they sectioned me illegally some 3 years ago is because they don’t like being exposed which is something that I have tried to do again and again.

This morning I received a letter from the mental health services in relation to my CTO. I have to admit I was dubious before I had even opened it, and upon opening it I realise that I had every reason to be. Like I previously mentioned I am no longer required to have visits or evaluations but the letter stated that I was to go to Great Oaks on Monday to be evaluated. I feel that this is just more conspiracies against me from the mental health services and don’t understand why on earth I have to continue as if my CTO was still in force. It has finished yet they will not leave me alone.

I can also remember when they kidnapped me for no reason and placed me in Great Oaks, there was an older woman also being detained against her will. She used to be in a once popular residential home near to my home town.  She was getting abused by staff, she spoke out against the abuse wanting it to stop and rather than receiving help, she was brought to Great Oaks against her will. She lost her husband who had worked all his life and she owned her own home until she was placed into the residential home, they was taking her house off her to pay for them to abuse her and pump her full medication she did not require or want.

A friend of mine who doesn’t want to be named used to campaign across the US and worldwide via the net against corruption, bullying and abuse in schools has also recently packed in her site and demonstrations. She campaigned against the schools that tortured her son.  Her health took the toll and her family life was jeopardised for trying to expose these criminal’s and abusers. In the end everything became too much for her and she packed up her campaign to put her family first, stop the conspiracies and keep them safe.

Over the past week as I have written this post I have been doing a lot of thinking. At beginning of this week this I was undecided about whether to continue running the site or not. As the week has gone on and I contemplate about my life and everything that has happened I feel that I am pushed into a decision.

Throughout all the Daily Death Bugle updates I have talked about starting a new in Belgium. Something that I only thought was a dream as every time I have wanted to go something has gotten in the way and my plans have always fallen to pieces. Well as of Monday morning I will be packing up the last of my possessions and heading to Belgium. My ticket is booked and I plan to bid farewell to the UK. Many would think that leaving one’s home is a sad thing. But the country that I was born and raised in has given my nothing but decades or abuse and tortured me both mentally and physically.

Like I have always said the legal system favours the guilty. Innocence is lost to the criminal underbody of MP’s, Solicitors, Police and other government organisations who almost never suffer the consequences of their own actions. They have free reign and their crimes are brushed under the carpet, covered up through dodgy dealings and only see the light of day decades after they have happened.

I honestly have no idea what the future holds for me. I plan to start a fresh in Belgium and live out my days without fear of looking over my shoulder so to speak, without been harassed by those that continue to conspire against me. All I have ever wanted to do is live a quiet life and I hope this can be possible. My physical and mental scars will always haunt me and my past may follow me but unless I try who knows what will happen.

By moving away from the corrupt, outdated and unfair British legal system to Belgium I hope to seek legal advice about everything that has happened to me. My website is a testament to the 40+ years of bullying, injustice, abuse and corruption. I have all the fabricated files that have been used against me by the mental health services etc. and I hope to find closure of some kind.

And as you can probably guess I won’t be going to the evaluation on Monday morning at Great Oaks. No longer will I continue to let them persecute me for speaking out and wanting to make change. Their hold over me ended with the completion of my CTO and if they imprison me against my will it will be breaching my human rights!

Whether all this happens and goes to plan who knows. I hope to update you all once I know what is happening myself. I have a friends contact details with me and hope in the next two weeks to contact them to issue an update or to issue a missing notice if I am imprisoned once again.

I would like to thank everybody for their input into the site over the past few years, their help and support and standing united with Tom Thumb in the hope to make difference.

Like always here’s hoping for a better tomorrow for all!!!

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