Thy “Kinder”(German,child) soldier through thy dark (K)night.By “Little Tom Thumb”.


Talking about Bullying, Child Abuse and Domestic Violence, in the hope to make change!

“Thy “Kinder””(German,child)soldier through thy dark (K)night””By Little Tom Thumb”.

Tis me “Little Tom” come to climb thy s(h)in,and sit on thy book of thy s(h)elf of ye,and guide ye “b(l)ind”(Latin,religion) of thy f(l)ight through thy dark (K)night.
For thy “b(l)ind”(Latin,religion) of books are all (b)led to the one.For back through thy (r)ages of thy (p)ages of thy (s)ages and back to thy infinitessimal of ye on thy f(l)ight to seek infinity to the place before the world was made is all I can give ye.
For above thy city of “Utopia”(Latin,no place) of the (r)evolution of man,up above thy (b)oil on the s(h)oul of fish and their (g)ills and,beyond the s(h)ore of man,ye will take f(l)ight..
For the “Kinder” soldier is who ye will meet on thy f(l)ight to infinity.for they have the “Light of the Lamp”,for they will shed their light on your f(l)ight to their heavenly fields.
For thy “Kinder” soldier (s)takes “f(l)ight of the bumblebee”(—-) above ye,as ye take f(l)ight to infinity,for they can only s(t)ing of their f(l)ight towards ye,for back and forth through infinitessimal and infinity of their heavens they take f(l)ight.
Tis “Kinder” soldier (p)ride of “The f(l)ight of the bumblebee” as they collect their pollen of “T(h)ree of life”,hope ye can share your s(ti)ng of thy f(l)ight through thy dark (k)night with “Little Tom Thumb” at Thank you.(Please Like). .

Like always here’s hoping for a better tomorrow for all!!!

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