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Tomthumb.info is my blog page and is here to raise discussion about corruption,bullying, abuse, racism, discrimination and injustice, something that has stemmed the past 42 years of my life and still carries on into the present day. Issues such as these affect our everyday lives and shape the world that we live in. Have your say on the things that matter…..

Please feel free to browse around the website and leave your comments.

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Tomthumb.info is a platform for everyone. An open forum where people can share their own experiences and stories about the things that have affected them, a place where all who wish to speak have a voice and will be listened to and so that a light can be shone on those commiting wrong doings and justice can be served in every way, shape and form. By sharing our experiences and standing together, we can be a united voice against those that commit wrong doings. In the hope that we can rid our lives from the issues that plague us such as injustice, corruption, bullying, abuse, racism and discrimination

Tomthumb.info is also very interested in your stories which can be sent to me via the contact me page @ http://tomthumb.info/tt/index.php/contact-us/ .

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3 Responses to About Tomthumb.info

  1. Lara Queen says:

    Thank you for seeking peace and justice.

  2. Gillian Munday says:

    Every chance I have to speak out against domestic violence, child abuse, sexual abuse of all kinds, but especially sexual abuse against children, my voice will be heard. After many years of suffering I have gained a happy and fulfilling life, but, sometimes my past takes me by surprise when there is a ‘trigger’. A trigger can come in many forms, the sight, sound or smell of your abuser/abusers. A word, a name, re-visiting a place where you have been abused, it is everywhere.
    Stand together, unite, and be a force. Together we are stronger than our abusers and it is through exposing these thieves, who steal from us our very being, that we can bring them down.
    Thankyou for this website, and if you are interested you can visit my website http://www.hollowpoints.net
    I have documented my story, not only of the abuse, but of the happy times of sibling unity and rivalry. But the sexual abuse and domestic violence is there where I have bared my innermost secrets and fears, for the good of others, so that they know they are not alone. Take heart, you are stronger than you think, and you can arise above the bog which entangles your mind and health.
    Thankyou, from Gillian Munday …..author of Hollow Points

  3. Jane LeMond-Alvarez says:

    We are the founders and owners of The Children’s Wall of Tears ™ where we document child deaths. Our traveling monument tours the countryside to raise the awareness of child cruelty and child death. We have their names, ages, states they live and method of death. We also track the suspects – to show the inequity of sentencing when people kill and abuse children. Mothers are the #1 killers of children (we are not talking about abortions.). Fathers #2. Mothers and fathers working in concert #3 and boy/girlfriends #4. Foster parent deaths of children are less than 3% of the children killed.

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