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contact us likes to hear from the people that make the site what it is today. We are looking at trying to help those that have been or are currently been affected by any of the issues that are raised on We aim to help in any way that we can by publishing your stories on here and through our social network pages giving you the exposure that you need or require. By sharing our experiences and standing together, we can be a united voice against those that commit wrong doings. In the hope that we can rid our lives from the issues that plague us such as injustice, corruption, bullying, abuse, racism and discrimination.

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5 Responses to Contact us

  1. Francine Davis says:

    i have a complaint and like to be heard :
    you all need to check out this place called The Intersection, reason .. i have been banned / barred from there over stupid stuff, ok i started going there in mid 2009, enjoying my self and having fun when i went for some of the bands, started going all the time for a band Called Mega 80’s, here is the thing on the last song that they play, they call people up from the crowd to come up on stage, ive gone up a couple times. I had already gotten a ticket for Mega 80’s show for 12/31/09 and when i showed up it wasnt the owner or GM of the place it was the bar / club staff telling me im not welcome & that the band dont want me there.. i contacted Mega 80’s about the issue and they said it wasnt them, so i left a message for the Gm Scott Hammontree about it and i was told i have been banned / barred for all shows, reason given was for me getting drunk, of course trying to get on stage for when Mega 80’s last song ect. I have been trying to contact him since then but no reply. I had gotten a ticket for a show for last night from a friend, went there & not no more then after 30 minutes i got greeted by Security of the bar, i said to him in a polite matter i have a ticket and im not there to start trouble, but still had to leave, i even got dirty looks from the one bar / club staff that told me i wasnt welcome ..

    • admin says:

      How did you go about contacting the GM? was it by phone, email or post? the reason that i ask is because even though we ask to speak to a certain person, it isnt always them on the other end of the phone. If one of the bar people hold a grudge against you then this could be causing you the problems. I have just searched the contact listing for the site and found these contact numbers and addresses –
      Scott Hammontree (GM / Talent Buyer)
      616.723.8080 ::

      Michael Landon (Venue Manager / Booking / Show Advances)
      616.723.0398 ::

      Chad Verwey (Marketing Director / Assistant Talent Buyer)
      616.723.8578 ::

      Jimmy Rains (Local Band Booking / Street Team)
      616.723.8571 ::[email protected]

      Write an email or contact the above via phone and ask for a letter in writing detailing the resons etc to why you have been banned from the venue and also for a copy of the admission policy etc. If you could contact us again once you have done this with their reply we may be able to look into this further as different venues operate under differnt policies and we need to make sure we have all the facts. thankyou for contacting us

  2. Luke's Army Fighting For Parents who are Fighting Child Protection for their Children says:

    Compliments on your site, I have put up a page on the Luke’s Army web site to let people know about

    Luke’s Army was started by myself, Lukey’s Dad after he tragically died in foster care at the age of two. We aim to

    , as well as provide support and advice to parents dealing with child protection, foster carers and other victims of child protection..

  3. Michael Walter Tiyo says:

    Thanks for the work your doing and we are child charity in Uganda,kasese and we are here kindly asking for partnership your organization and my organization in helping the children we are in need of funds i hope to hear from you soon thanks Rev. Michael Walter Tiyo

  4. Free Marc says:

    This is a great Job! Bullying, Blackmailing is something which the child Marc has to experience. Not by children of his age or from his siblings, but by Medical professions and Social Services. Adults who should protect kids are the ones bullying him

    Keep up with your good page

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