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 We know sometimes it can be a little hard to find exactly what you are looking for whilst searching on the internet . That’s why we have launched the discussion page,so you can find the latest discussions going on @ tomthumb.info and have your say. Get involved and let us know what you think about the issues affecting our everyday lives and shaping the world that we live in

Discussions are listed with the newest ones at the top.  

Discussion – Child abuse in Britain
Has there been an increase in the number of victims affected by child abuse over the past 10 years? Is this an ever growing problem or is it more cases been reported? And if so what do you think have been the major causes in the increase in child abuse related issues?

Discussion – Government Organizations – Hindrance or Help?
Government Organizations, there to protect and help us! But are they more of a hindrance then a help? Do they create more problems then they solve? What do you think?

Discussion – Combating Child Abuse
By turning a blind eye to child abuse we are sacrificing our children – their childhood, their happiness and their very lives! What do you think can be done to combat child abuse?

Discussion – Shakespeare, King Lear IV
“….See how yond justice rails upon yond simple thief. Hark, in thine ear; change places, and ,handy-dandy,which is justice,which is thief?(Shakespeare,King Lear IV) What do you think this quote means?

Police Bullying and Brutality for defending the lives of their families and their own
Is this how people in the Uk should be treated for defending the lives of their families and their own?

Discusion – Adhering to the laws held by our judicial systems
“For Swear to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth”(Jesus) is the oath taken in all court cases. But why don’t the lawyers, solicitors,judges and the police involved in these case adhere to the laws held by our judicial systems ?

Discussion – Do victims only face more injustice…
Do victims of “BULLYING / DOMESTIC VIOLENCE / CHILD ABUSE” only face more injustice through the political policy of attack the innocent to protect the guilty? What do you think?

Bullying Discussion – Putting the BULL ASIDE in BULLYCIDE!
We must learn to put the “BULL- ASIDE” in “BULLYCIDE” especially the cover ups from schools! What do you think?

How many Victims of Bullying, Domestic Violence and Child Abuse will be….
How many Victims of Bullying, Domestic Violence and Child Abuse will be “RAPED” and “MURDERED” in the “New” Year, through failings in the judicial system, under the political policy of “Attack the innocent to protect the Guilty”?

Bullying Discusion – Is the 2nd Amendment causing an increase in Bullying and Violent Attacks
Is the Second Amendment causing an increase in Bullying and violence in our schools? Does the Second amendment give the Bullies more means to commit acts of Bullying and Violence?

Discussion – Will we ever see an end….
Will we ever see an end to the issues that plague us such as Bullying, Domestic Violence and Child Abuse?

Discussion – Tackling Child Abuse
What do you think can be done to tackle Child Abuse?

Child Abuse Discussion – Facebook face criminal charges ..
Should the directors of Facebook face criminal charges as they refuse to remove child porn from their network? What do you think?

Discussion – Does more need to be done to combat online abuse?
Does more need to be done to combat online abuse? For such a personal matter, internet sites handle this issue so impersonally! What do you think can and needs to be done to combat online abuse and the way that it is dealt with? Have your say and let us know what you think….

Social Networking – Abuse is just a click away…..
By using social networking are we allowing ourselves to be open to a world of abuse? What do you think?

Discussion – Manslaughter charges for Hillsborough involvement…
Should those accountable for the failings contributing to the Hillsborough disaster and those covering and concealing evidence be charged with manslaughter??? What do you think???

Discussion – Do teachers “Bully/Rape/Murder” …..
Do teachers “Bully/Rape/Murder” children under the political policy of “Attack the innocent to protect the guilty”???What do you think???

Discussion – Social Networking
Are social networks creating more problems then they are solving???

Discussion – Justice vs Money
Does the power of money outweigh justice in the judicial system???? If so what can be done to change this???

Discussion – Are Lawyers / Solicitors criminals…
Are Lawyers / Solicitors criminals against fathers????What do you think??? We want to know what you think. Share your veiws and opinions and let us know what you have to say.

Discussion – Are Teachers involved with Bullycide??
Are teachers to blame for children who commit suicide from the affects of bullying??? Do they bully children to the extent where bullycide seems like the only answer??? If so what can be done to change this???

Discussion – Costing more lives and causing more abuse
“ATTACK THE INNOCENT TO PROTECT THE GUILTY THROUGH THE JUDICIAL SYSTEM” Is this policy costing more lives and causing more abuse for victims of Domestic violence??What do you think???

Wish you weren’t here…..
What is happening to the world that we live in??? Is it going to the dogs???http://tomthumb.info/tt/index.php/2012/07/29/tom-thumb-wish-you-werent-here/

Discussion – Why is it so easily available???
Why isn’t child porn and other indecent images of children removed from the Internet? Isn’t the internet supposed to be policed? Why are such things as these so easily available???

Discussion – Are films and video games to blame???
Are films and video games to blame for the rise in violence and crime???

Discussion – Do the Police “RAPE AND MURDER” children???
Do the Police “RAPE AND MURDER” children in the communities???

Discussion – Bullying vs Political Policy sustainability
“ATTACK THE INNOCENT TO PROTECT THE GUILTY” is this policy sustainable regarding “Bullying / Violence” in schools/workplace/courts etc???

Discussion – Are Victims of “Bullying / Violence” safe …
Are Victims of “Bullying / Violence” safe to report the incident???If not what can be done to change this???

Discussion – What happens when child abuse stops???
Bruises disappear, broken bones heal and physical scars fade, But what about the emotional ones, The ones people don’t see. those on the inside? Do they ever go away? Can so called normality return to everyday life? And do victims ever really recover from the affects of child abuse???

Discussion – Do victims of Domestic Violence recover????
Wounds heal and scars fade but do victims of domestic violence ever recover???

Discussion – Will corruption ever end???
Do you think corruption can ever be stopped? What do you think could be done to help in achieving an end to it?

Discussion – Are children safe in state schools???
Do you think children are safe in state schools? If not what do you think can be done to change this?

Discussion – Quote – R.D.Laing
“We are effectively destroying ourselves by violence masquerading as love”(R.D.Laing,The politics of experience) What do you think R.D.Laing meant when he wrote this?

Discussion – Should they face the death penalty????
Should people who rape and murder children face the death penalty for the crimes that they commit???

Discussion – Bullying in the workplace
Workplace Bullying – What can be done to combat it???

Discussion – Quote – Eleanor Roosevelt
“NO ONE make you inferior without your consent”(Eleanor Roosevelt) What do you think she meant when she wrote this quote? What does it mean to you ? Do you agree with what she had to say?

Discussion – Do teachers “BULLY” teachers???
Do teachers “BULLY” teachers??? Does this really happen??? do teachers bully other teachers???

Discussion – Should victims be prosecuted……
Should victims be prosecuted for defending themselves and their families in their own homes???

Discussion – Do the police “BULLY/ABUSE” victims???
Do the police “BULLY/ABUSE” victims of crime??what do you think??

Discussion – Do social workers “Rape” & “Murder” children???
Do social workers “Rape” & “Murder” children??? What do you think?

Discussion – Can Bullying / Violence ever be stopped???

Discussion – Are victims of Domestic Violence safe from the Police???
Are victims of Domestic Violence safe from the Police???What do you think? If not what can be done to change this??

Discussion – Do teachers matter in how children develop in the community???
Do teachers matter in how children develop in the community?

Discussion : Are children safe????
Are children safe from teachers????

Discussion : Movement for women in 1912
“Is not a woman’s life, is not her health, are not her limbs more valueble than panes of glass? There is no doubt of that, but most important of all, does not the breaking of glass produce more effect upon the government?” (Emmeline Pankhurst, Movement for women speech 16 Feb 1912) what are your views and opinions on this??

Discussion : Child abuse
“Children are like seeds of grass seeds,some will fall on rocky ground and wither and die.And some will fall on more fertile ground and grow”(Jesus)Is this justified child abuse through religion?What do you think?

Discussion : ‘Attack the innocent, protect the guilty?’
Where does it leave all victims,when the rights of the victim are swept away under the “Political policy of attack the innocent to protect the guilty”,

Discussion – Are your children, grand-children safe in your communities?
Are your children, grand-children safe in your communities?If not what can be done to protect them more in your community?

Have your say and let us know what you think…..

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    The definition of Bullying and Terrorism are almost identical. That being said, we are surrounded by terrorists. http://www.salon.com/2014/03/20/the_koch_keystone_connection_brothers_are_the_largest_lease_holders_in_canadas_oil_sands/

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