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Tom Thumb has undergone some very new and exciting changes over the past week, as some of you may already have noticed from the widgets on the right hand side.

I recently met with a fantastic guy called Andy Peacher, who is involved in making change both on and offline. Like Tom thumb, he wants to make a better tomorrow for all and shine a light on all the wrong, unjust and corruption in the world.

One of the projects that he is involved in is Freedom Talk Radio ( their homepage can be found by clicking the picture above.). It was a project set up by himself and another like minded individual across the pond in the US.

After speaking with him we decided to unite as a global fight for justice, standing together and speaking out. Heres abit about Freedom Talk Radio in their own words……

‘We are an internet based news, information and entertainment based network using a variety of mediums to broadcast our internet radio streams.
Freedom Talk Radio / Saline Entertainment Television started as chance meeting between two people, Andy Peacher and Bill Xam, who had the same dream.
We provide a voice for people that can communicate their thoughts, ideas, solutions and points of view. We both believe that for too long voices have been silenced by the almighty dollar. Those that can not afford to add their voice to the mix are forever silenced.
Our goal is to be able have live shows 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We do not charge anyone for broadcast space. 
 We are what the internet and web were intended to be. The Freedom of all peoples, everywhere.
Read the rest at:’

Please click on the image to be redirected to the social network

Please click on the image to be redirected to the social network

You can also check out their very own social media site called Plain Site @ I think what they are doing is fantastic and well worth checking out and getting involved in.


New show coming soon… Keep checking back for more details


Andrew Wakefield reveals the inside story of desperate parents trying to help their autistic children, only to be labelled as abusers by social workers, medical professionals, and the courts.

CALL LIVE 01444  390 270 

SA 347 677 0812 

As the number of children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders grows each year, new discoveries and controversies arise. Andrew Wakefield explores many of these in his thorough investigation of the recent trial case of the “Arizona 5,” which destroyed an Arizona family. Two parents, with five children on the spectrum, were accused of Münchausen syndrome by proxy—a rare form of child abuse—and were ganged up on by physicians, child protective services, and the courts, who alleged that the parents fabricated medical symptoms in all five children. However, Wakefield now presents ample evidence that was disregarded and which would have proven the parents’ innocence.

Families affected by autism suffer great hardship and prejudice, particularly as they navigate the uncertain waters of diagnosis, treatment, and education. The shocking story of the Arizona 5 family delves into the tremendous challenges some parents have to face, especially if their views on how to treat the syndrome don’t align with the medical world’s standards. Wakefield also includes numerous studies and research trials that support the controversial yet significant roles that vaccines and diet play in autism, factors many medical professionals wrongfully dismiss.



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